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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).

Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.

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  1. 123 456

    123 456Pred 18 urami

    Omg this is what I will be listening in my gold promos playing darius (rip old mordekaider)

  2. Victor Perriaux

    Victor PerriauxPred 18 urami

    0:32 sounds so great.

  3. Ennio Morelli

    Ennio MorelliPred 18 urami

    great now fix the client

  4. Priyobroto Das

    Priyobroto DasPred 18 urami


  5. Lukas Kristensen

    Lukas KristensenPred 18 urami


  6. Shah CR

    Shah CRPred 18 urami



    SIRAVID SAIPLANGPred 18 urami

    LOR rewind to this theme and it's such a banger !

  8. Chill Ducky

    Chill DuckyPred 18 urami

    Runeterra shouldn't be under viego, but under the true lord, Mordekaiser

  9. Fabian Sauciuc

    Fabian SauciucPred 18 urami

    Oh yes the mist. Where's the void tho?

  10. Martín la raya

    Martín la rayaPred 18 urami


  11. Flee

    FleePred 18 urami

    Before watching this: Jinx is a long-range ADC. After watching this: Jinx is a melee with one poke ability but close range...

  12. SuperJox97

    SuperJox97Pred 18 urami

    wow genji and hanzo look different

  13. Марк Зволинский

    Марк ЗволинскийPred 19 urami

    Боже, почему я ловлю визуальный оргазм?😂

  14. Moses

    MosesPred 19 urami

    she had 4 of those red ball candies. she had 3 on a stick, ate one. next thing ate another one. than still had 2 on the stick when the monster came. game-breaking glitsj

  15. Starviper

    StarviperPred 19 urami

    Imagine if LoL is so toxic, how their new mmorpg will be

  16. Ali i

    Ali iPred 19 urami


  17. Tobias Sai

    Tobias SaiPred 19 urami

    I'm really loving all this ruination stuff i just wish for them to do similar things with the darkin or void that would be awesome

  18. Stathis Apostolidis

    Stathis ApostolidisPred 19 urami

    Get ready boys the final harrowing is here. Demacia has already fallen let's who's next 😎

  19. Nightpony inRface

    Nightpony inRfacePred 19 urami

    *^_^ Spirit Blossom, still is like.. the best event LoL ever had!*

  20. Zoul 34

    Zoul 34Pred 19 urami

    Ok but why the facebook pfp broken?

  21. nothing and nobody

    nothing and nobodyPred 19 urami

    Who knew that death could be so beautiful?

  22. astroseb

    astrosebPred 19 urami

    The game is ruined, not Demacia. But I see the quality of your teasers also has decreased a lot compared to the past.

  23. Midnight Seraph

    Midnight SeraphPred 19 urami

    Curious that they seem to be expanding the lore (and possibly adding a new event) based entirely on a champion that breaks the mechanics of the game so badly he is banned from tournaments

  24. Raged Tank

    Raged TankPred 19 urami

    "Life can be cruel, why should death be any different?" - <insert reference name here>

  25. Howl Knightwalker

    Howl KnightwalkerPred 19 urami

    If roofs had a bit more blue with this sea around them, i could easily say that's not Demacia but Cyclades. And yes riots they doing great work.

  26. BILD

    BILDPred 19 urami


  27. QuEik3_345

    QuEik3_345Pred 19 urami

    omg is sylas theme!!!

  28. Angel Capa

    Angel CapaPred 19 urami

    I'll still be here until the day that they reach 1B i just can't get enough with this Music Animation

  29. Selênio O Calcogênio

    Selênio O CalcogênioPred 19 urami

    by kayle's sword

  30. can be anything

    can be anythingPred 19 urami

    0:50 is that Ruined Music I hear?

  31. Elias Wahle

    Elias WahlePred 19 urami

    Imagine: Trailer made by riot looks better as Demonslayer

  32. Phineas 愛

    Phineas 愛Pred 19 urami

    Rip crow

  33. Lux Chaser

    Lux ChaserPred 19 urami

    That's when Shyvanna become one of the ruined champs.

  34. can be anything

    can be anythingPred 19 urami

    I need a Ruined Galio

  35. MasterStef

    MasterStefPred 19 urami

    thats some doomslayer vibes right there

  36. REJIHA

    REJIHAPred 19 urami

    honestly i cant wait for the end of ruination cuz after riot uses up the lore of shadow isles other antagonist left to threaten runeterra is void and god pls let voids run wild and wreck everything pls <3

  37. Yaminoonna 3

    Yaminoonna 3Pred 19 urami

    I want to see samira x darius

  38. AddisonRaePickles

    AddisonRaePicklesPred 19 urami

    LOL ok

  39. AddisonRaePickles

    AddisonRaePicklesPred 19 urami


  40. Dragan Pejić

    Dragan PejićPred 19 urami

    Anyone gonna tell me where to buy that Azir one???

  41. Itanchiro

    ItanchiroPred 20 urami

    Also doesn't 1:12 sound familiar? I can remember someone wearing blue clothes, carrying a whip telling this to Dracula: Die monster, you don't belong to this world! (Richard Belmont from Castlevania: Rondo of blood)

  42. sayonara

    sayonaraPred 20 urami

    Idols are made to be desecrated, I guess.

  43. Re Ma

    Re MaPred 20 urami

    You made cinematics like this and you didn't make a movie?

  44. KingPredatorHD

    KingPredatorHDPred 20 urami

    Fallen Lux incoming, brace yourselves

  45. Galex Hidalgo

    Galex HidalgoPred 20 urami

    3:07 Good cosplay

  46. Murat Han ZENGİN

    Murat Han ZENGİNPred 20 urami

    yeah go down demacia!



    2:52 wow, who’s that in Paris.

  48. duvan esteban rincon torres

    duvan esteban rincon torresPred 20 urami

    No te aparece ningún comentario en español verdad? 🤨

  49. Video Nomad

    Video NomadPred 20 urami

    Was here

  50. Chris! - Vlogs y Comedia

    Chris! - Vlogs y ComediaPred 20 urami

    Did they just change the thumbnail?👀

  51. Arif Arıkan

    Arif ArıkanPred 20 urami

    Dude imagine fiddle,nocturne combo,complete perferction.

  52. William Reyes Salomón

    William Reyes SalomónPred 20 urami

    Gusta mucho tu canción

  53. William Reyes Salomón

    William Reyes SalomónPred 20 urami


  54. William Reyes Salomón

    William Reyes SalomónPred 20 urami


  55. James Hobbs

    James HobbsPred 20 urami

    Me Sitting here not understanding a thing even though it's simple: smol brain Necrit: don't worry i got this!

  56. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithPred 20 urami

    Am I the only one who wants an MMO with like multiple factions now, cause the world building is too pretty

  57. Justin Hiryu

    Justin HiryuPred 20 urami

    Lux: DEMACIAAAAAA! (fires beam of light)

  58. Aloxaxa

    AloxaxaPred 20 urami


  59. KRZYSZTOF Jóźwiak

    KRZYSZTOF JóźwiakPred 20 urami

    I hoped to see League of Legends life action TV Series... And I have an idea for this. I mean: Description of Demacia, and main of characters from Demacia in the first season. Description of Noxus and their characters in the second season. Description of Zaun and characters from Zaun in the third season. Etc. Of course, I mean that not without references to another locations in specified season, so for example... It wouldn't be a problem to direct battle beetwen Demacia under Garen's command and Noxus with Darius as their commander. I have a great vision of that and I am still hoping to see something like that in future.

  60. Cavalo Louco

    Cavalo LoucoPred 20 urami


  61. Aron Svanlaugsson

    Aron SvanlaugssonPred 20 urami

    Is this like a trailer for a league event?

  62. Pedro Guimarães

    Pedro GuimarãesPred 20 urami

    Excellent cinematic, NEVER accept a drink from a suspicious elderly XD.

  63. Khalel Arata the potato

    Khalel Arata the potatoPred 20 urami

    Prove me wrong…but is this the only time nocturne is in an cinematic?

  64. Megas12

    Megas12Pred 20 urami

    only good, most likely we'll find out where Garen Ultimata is from, and Garen will become so strong that he defeats Viego's army, xD it's time to rework Garen into the most powerful Sorcerer who doesn't use mana xD

  65. Khalel Arata the potato

    Khalel Arata the potatoPred 20 urami

    Missed opportunity: at the end of the trailer with the helmet, they could’ve shon fiddlesticks stepping/ breaking said helmet

  66. MISTER Type

    MISTER TypePred 20 urami

    ZAUN is straight up NYC in runeterra

  67. legends only

    legends onlyPred 20 urami

    Song : we are the warriors that built this town Me : all I see is them destroying the statues and buildings

  68. _Madara_Uchiha_ Uchiha

    _Madara_Uchiha_ UchihaPred 20 urami

    in real life kayn : R jinx be like NANI

  69. Ac D. C sama

    Ac D. C samaPred 20 urami

    Vape Nation

  70. Angelica James

    Angelica JamesPred 21 uro

    they so fly

  71. Skull FACE

    Skull FACEPred 21 uro

    I think that shurima will be the ones to face viego, along with any non ruined Champs

  72. 뽀드득

    뽀드득Pred 21 uro

    다시 봐도 개쩐다

  73. Aaron Watson

    Aaron WatsonPred 21 uro

    That concrete column is the same as the columns that Ryze stores those magical stone in in his old cinematic, does that mean that column in Damacia once house one of those stones? I'm a lore scrub but they're clearly related somehow, anyone explain?


    A PRIDESTALKERPred 21 uro

    Pls garen, save demacia.

  75. Kyle Villegas

    Kyle VillegasPred 21 uro

    Even riot thought they would last longer 😢

  76. hip hop niggaa

    hip hop niggaaPred 21 uro

    I knew that the riot balance team was a meme cartoon i was so sure about it!

  77. Juas

    JuasPred 21 uro

    Here for the Legends of Runeterra! My main is back! Beautiful!

  78. Irregular

    IrregularPred 21 uro

    Cap shop

  79. I'Q🌧✨

    I'Q🌧✨Pred 21 uro


  80. gitch Rich

    gitch RichPred 21 uro