Battle Academia 2021: Labrys Academy | Official Skins Trailer - League of Legends

Weapons out-school’s in. Fight to the top with Battle Academia Leona, Wukong, Garen, Yone, and Legendary Battle Academia Caitlyn. Seize victory with Prestige Battle Academia Leona.

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  1. William P

    William PPred 25 dnevi


  2. Son R3nan

    Son R3nanPred mesecem

    boku no hero in lol?

  3. Gio Mustafa

    Gio MustafaPred mesecem

    Game burik

  4. Hungry Bunny

    Hungry BunnyPred mesecem

    Is it me or catlin ult look like star guardian Zoe paddle star

  5. Sticker Snappy

    Sticker SnappyPred mesecem

    I want to see Professor Singed next, if only

  6. Naji

    NajiPred mesecem

    best anime in 2021

  7. jxtan

    jxtanPred mesecem

    they literally have yuichiro hanma

  8. Karo -

    Karo -Pred 2 meseci

    League Expectation: 1:10 Reality: Rengar One Shot 0.01

  9. Leone Senpai

    Leone SenpaiPred 2 meseci

    My school was never this wacky and fun; it was quite boring actually, and I hated it.

  10. demsjei

    demsjeiPred 2 meseci

    1:16 ezreal going super saiyan

  11. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovPred 2 meseci

    1000th comment! :)

  12. 남종연

    남종연Pred 2 meseci

    중국아니면 일본이구나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. The Fast

    The FastPred 2 meseci

    I'm sad that this didn't end up being a bigger event

  14. JayVoid

    JayVoidPred 2 meseci

    1:22 "To be continued..." wrong meme sound

  15. Miyuki Enomoto

    Miyuki EnomotoPred 2 meseci

    Yuumi: *Everyone go to the Principal Office*


    DAMIAN ZPIPPred 2 meseci

    DEAR LEAGE OF LEGENDS remove buffs and nerfs from ARAM game mode its destroing the game its unbalanced even more i play arams so mutch and i see what happening to the game ... its sad to watch game is going to be unbalanced even more leave arams how it be !!!! you destroing the game pls remove it i beg you its not helping at all ... kaisa doing 105 % dmg but tristiana do 90% ? whats going on ? kaisa is OP champion and do mutch more dmg ? how this can help us ? my last game tristiana 1/8 and kaisa 18/4 PLS PLS PLS DONT DESTROY ARAM THIS ONLY THING WHAT I ENOJ dont destroy it pls i beg you

  17. Aphelios

    ApheliosPred 2 meseci

    Akali is broken in the new Aram

  18. Slappy

    SlappyPred 2 meseci

    We all know that monke is the best

  19. GABUKX cz

    GABUKX czPred 2 meseci

    Why anime? Why not new Darkyn?

  20. Scwhein

    ScwheinPred 2 meseci

    And then ezreal got his harem, wait this is spoiler

  21. Malvar36

    Malvar36Pred 2 meseci

    Something something FE:TH reference

  22. Edkun tolentino

    Edkun tolentinoPred 2 meseci

    So ur telling me SEASON 3 NEXT SKINLINE?!!!!!!

  23. Brian Lomame

    Brian LomamePred 2 meseci

    Ryuko Matoi: KIRYUIN SATSUKI!!!

  24. Miyuki

    MiyukiPred 2 meseci

    1:11 ain't this a reference to Jett ?

  25. Clover Gift

    Clover GiftPred 2 meseci

    Boku No Hero Academia Season 5 looks really great .

  26. waterdood

    waterdoodPred 2 meseci


  27. Valentin Coserea

    Valentin CosereaPred 2 meseci

    Just because you ignore this message and your responsibilities. ​I only want to have fun and relax while playing this game, but people always ruin my games and my day. It is not normal that every game or every other game someone says 'EZ' or other things like this. Beside some contact sports, this behavior is not tolerated in many other games or sports. And I can assure you if we were to play face-2-face many players will not have the courage to do this as they would instantly get slapped just as they should. I don't believe you would agree with players that are participating in officials events, to take the mike after the game and proceed with shaming their opponents. In so many years of this game, you have done progress but still are unable to control your community. I do not understand why you are so unwilling to help this game progress, since I believe you are not clueless in this regard. All you have to do is introduce a new category for specifically reporting players with this type of behavior and actually do the reports, with 3 misbehaving in a short period resulting in suspension and then a BAN from the game (or idk think of something yourselves). Why are you people so keen on keeping players that don't want to at least try and behave and are pulling down the community and totally ruining the game. I know this game has many kids and they are hard to deal with, but considering it's your game, I'd say it is also your responsibility to at least try, which you don't seem eager on doing at all. And considering you already have a BAN system, which indicates you agree that some behaviors cannot be tolerated, I think you should also consider this particular behavior as it always has been around in the game. 'Ez' might not mean much I know, but for many it totally ruins the mood, and I don't think that taking some actions regarding this behavior is that hard, especially considering you are a company with a big revenue. All I am asking is that you show a little concern for you game and the people playing it. And to give me that new report category.

  28. Winson Wen

    Winson WenPred 2 meseci

    Wukong literally rejected monke a

  29. Jet Lemuel

    Jet LemuelPred 2 meseci

    Class A vs Class B

  30. ronaldo65ful

    ronaldo65fulPred 2 meseci

    Can we get a battle academia Sett please

  31. fabricio santos

    fabricio santosPred 2 meseci


  32. Ultra

    UltraPred 2 meseci


  33. Bojidar Bogdanov

    Bojidar BogdanovPred 2 meseci

    when will be the last day that you will be able to purchase the borders ??

  34. Kain666

    Kain666Pred 2 meseci

    Why ezreal didnt get chromas

  35. truong huynhnhat

    truong huynhnhatPred 2 meseci

    the laught though

  36. cami

    camiPred 2 meseci

    Im gonna die

  37. Süblìmçhēr

    SüblìmçhērPred 2 meseci

    Pls do anything on Kayle... I beg yall

  38. le temps des fleurs

    le temps des fleursPred 2 meseci

    How do we get the emote of Caitlyn at 0:39 ? ^-^

  39. 「Touya Kaizeツ」

    「Touya Kaizeツ」Pred 2 meseci

    Yoooooo Yone looks like Yoriichi in Demon Slayer :0 XD

  40. mwk gaming

    mwk gamingPred 2 meseci

    japan gets their own server with so little player base but meanwhile the rest of southeast asia need to suffer playing on gareana hosted servers. riot please-

  41. Juan Masias Arnaldo Palomino Espinoza

    Juan Masias Arnaldo Palomino EspinozaPred 2 meseci

    hagan algo con el patetico sistema de enparejamiento tmr

  42. Karina B

    Karina BPred 2 meseci

    1:02 Yone's been watching his share of anime I see

  43. João Laurindo

    João LaurindoPred 2 meseci


  44. Master Yi Montage 2021

    Master Yi Montage 2021Pred 2 meseci

    1:26 :)

  45. alex aaron

    alex aaronPred 2 meseci

    Putting graffiti in building billboard your taking revenge to far love your game btw

  46. Drawing With John ✔

    Drawing With John ✔Pred 2 meseci

    League of legends is looks like an japanese anime

  47. Borsh 1

    Borsh 1Pred 2 meseci


  48. André Costa

    André CostaPred 2 meseci

    does anyone know what is the next league of legends pass event?

  49. Gvozden Glušac

    Gvozden GlušacPred 2 meseci

    ban useranme rook solid

  50. Megiana Kun

    Megiana KunPred 2 meseci

    Please debate the case of moonton hero mobile legend plagiarism again, champion legue of legend, new hero, MLBB beatrix skills, like miss fortune, ziggs and graves LOL PC and one more hero MLBB gloo is similar to skills, zac LOL PC, please pay a fine of 100 trillion or a hero. new MLBB has been canceled or deleted, MLBB has been deleted in the playstore and app store (ios)

  51. Aphelios

    ApheliosPred 2 meseci

    Beatrix also copies aphelios :

  52. Brave Victory

    Brave VictoryPred 2 meseci

    Leona really needs a VGU.

  53. Glizzi

    GlizziPred 2 meseci

    Caitlyn's ult shot first, all she has to do is flash and she lives that.

  54. R3ckt

    R3cktPred 2 meseci

    Fix your fkng game

  55. Nexus Gaming 07

    Nexus Gaming 07Pred 3 meseci

    Game song nice.।। Game very bad

  56. viviandloli avakinᴠɪɴᴛᴀɢᴇ

    viviandloli avakinᴠɪɴᴛᴀɢᴇPred 3 meseci

    League of legends please start thinking about making movies ❤️❤️❤️❤️YOU GUYS HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CINEMATIC 3D

  57. Ps깔아라

    Ps깔아라Pred 3 meseci


  58. Ps깔아라

    Ps깔아라Pred 3 meseci

    니코 하향좀

  59. bebyley channel

    bebyley channelPred 3 meseci


  60. Gslayer Slays

    Gslayer SlaysPred 3 meseci

    Give this game the downvote it deserves for stringing along players like a violin.

  61. Mark Nowel

    Mark NowelPred 3 meseci

    Just remove the wukong already...

  62. Thành Nguyễn Văn

    Thành Nguyễn VănPred 3 meseci


  63. Thành Nguyễn Văn

    Thành Nguyễn VănPred 3 meseci

    Còn hay hơn làm game

  64. Weasy Mac

    Weasy MacPred 3 meseci


  65. INAE Simplex

    INAE SimplexPred 3 meseci

    Garen+Wukong=SPIN TO WIIN!!!

  66. Hi & Goodbye

    Hi & GoodbyePred 3 meseci

    I still want old aatrox

  67. Phenomenal

    PhenomenalPred 3 meseci

    When Riot will release PvE mode like the Odyssey & Star Guardian Modes. It's been 4 years now while i am wondering when Riot will think of the players who loved this type of mode and missing it so much :(. But now we in 2021 and yet no such announcement or any plaining "feels bad man".

  68. Robo Rob

    Robo RobPred 3 meseci

    When do the capsules disappear from the store? Thats what I want to know

  69. Best Aatrox EUNE

    Best Aatrox EUNEPred 3 meseci

    Man i wish the icons wasn't only in the bundles

  70. MrOvergryph

    MrOvergryphPred 3 meseci

    0:52 take my money

  71. Syri

    SyriPred 3 meseci


  72. Sabin Nicolae

    Sabin NicolaePred 3 meseci

    Please just don't rework or do something else to Tahm Kench 🙏 . I just enjoy the champion as it is , if you want to do something bring the Q stack back. Otherwise just let him untouch don't distroy him like the old katarina

  73. Christian Edzel Cruz

    Christian Edzel CruzPred 3 meseci

    This is all good until the border of my caitlyn is not really working. nice bug rito

  74. Ze Arts

    Ze ArtsPred 3 meseci

    Is it me or does Garen look like Chowder from Monster House

  75. Levi Elric

    Levi ElricPred 3 meseci

    My Legend Academia

  76. Răzvan Lopată

    Răzvan LopatăPred 3 meseci

    When is a new event coming out ?

  77. Nda KAI

    Nda KAIPred 3 meseci

    goood video

  78. Torrone

    TorronePred 3 meseci

    very cute but when you guys are going to pay attention to xin zhao?

  79. nescau bruxo

    nescau bruxoPred 3 meseci

    As fala do garen são as mesma não gostei quero meu RP VOLTA

  80. Hyacinth

    HyacinthPred 3 meseci


  81. emanuel stornello

    emanuel stornelloPred 3 meseci

    Yone is kenshin himura and no one can convince me otherwise


    CONQUERORPred 3 meseci


  83. Elotes606

    Elotes606Pred 3 meseci


  84. Mark Kwon

    Mark KwonPred 3 meseci

    It's ironic how Garen uses a sword and he's not at Durandal Academy

  85. Minh Dang

    Minh DangPred 3 meseci

    I need a Kill la Kill ss2

  86. Your Neighbour

    Your NeighbourPred 3 meseci

    How you think you would go : 10/0 How it actually went: 0/10

  87. Aphelios

    ApheliosPred 2 meseci


  88. Lester li

    Lester liPred 3 meseci

    0:52 官方二人转

  89. wongwiwat khwannaen

    wongwiwat khwannaenPred 3 meseci

    When remodel champions amumu corki veigar (yordle)

  90. Link error 404

    Link error 404Pred 3 meseci

    Please rework my boy Olaf... He has been the same since the game lunched come on riot

  91. Sandero Xopsono

    Sandero XopsonoPred 3 meseci

    This is so anime I love it

  92. chelseailluminated

    chelseailluminatedPred 3 meseci

    this looks like it was made for 8 year olds

  93. ahmed sherif G48

    ahmed sherif G48Pred 3 meseci

    Why is no one talking about the fact that caitlyn has aphelios' sniper gun ?

  94. Tomislav lol

    Tomislav lolPred 3 meseci


  95. Niko Paskananda

    Niko PaskanandaPred 3 meseci

    yunmi :(

  96. LGH

    LGHPred 3 meseci

    Caitlyn looking extra thicc today

  97. LGH

    LGHPred 3 meseci


  98. Ro pi

    Ro piPred 3 meseci

    Please remove clash and tft from client.

  99. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovPred 3 meseci

    Loving the event!

  100. Infinite Creation: Gaming

    Infinite Creation: GamingPred 3 meseci

    League of Legends: Academia Civil War

  101. Our Carry

    Our CarryPred 3 meseci

    plz fix game ty

  102. Tobi -

    Tobi -Pred 3 meseci

    Remember when league was not an anime? Me neither...

  103. ArcaneLD

    ArcaneLDPred 3 meseci

    I bought the Border set, & I didn't get it how come?

  104. N M

    N MPred 3 meseci

    Good jobs🔥🔥👍