MSI 2021 | DWG & Conqueror Jax - League of Legends

The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational has arrived, with DWG Skins, Conqueror Jax, and more.

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  1. Hxrdeep Editz

    Hxrdeep EditzPred 15 dnevi

    Congrats to them x

  2. Sönke Hamester

    Sönke HamesterPred 26 dnevi

    BRING BACK DOMINION, so the real Pros will have a Reason to return. SUCKERS!

  3. Hiron

    HironPred mesecem

    1:28 yeah, yall know who won the fight!

  4. istemihan yazan

    istemihan yazanPred mesecem

    bu görsel efektler yüzünden fps olayı alt üst oldu türkiyede cogu oyuncu bu durumdan şikayetci fps yerlerde suan 30 40 fps play türkiye server. 2012 2015 cok iyi idi görsel efeklerden yana simdi görsellik artıkca kasma oranı oldukça artırıldı bunun farkına ne zzaman verırsınız acaba ?

  5. Robbi Abim Darmadi

    Robbi Abim DarmadiPred mesecem

    Anjirrrrrr 👍👍👍👍👍 kereen

  6. Calistra

    CalistraPred mesecem

    trap beat go hard

  7. Donovan

    DonovanPred mesecem

    So do any of the devs actually play adc? Role is straight up torture. Get oneshot by almost every champion on the roster and u can't afford to have a single defensive item in your build. Fix your game pls.

  8. Xerony Lloyd

    Xerony LloydPred mesecem

    Time to take down another fan project because they give people what you can't don't you think?

  9. Jorge Laborde

    Jorge LabordePred mesecem

    Where's the shyvana rework?

  10. Лазаревић Алекса

    Лазаревић АлексаPred mesecem

    there is 1 imposter among us

  11. SharkPlays

    SharkPlaysPred mesecem

    A ain't that scared, Jax finally got a real weapon, ain't gonna be the first time ay?

  12. ömre

    ömrePred mesecem

    There should ve been a dwg viego

  13. kindred: the eternal cancer

    kindred: the eternal cancerPred mesecem

    i just want ma BOBUX:/

  14. Hulio Radriges

    Hulio RadrigesPred mesecem

    Will pass aviable????

  15. 사탕수수맛탕로랑

    사탕수수맛탕로랑Pred mesecem

    담원 선수들 싸인 다 예쁘다 너구리 싸인은 진짜 커엽네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  16. Chapo

    ChapoPred mesecem

    Go and check TheLoyalSaint for some awsome vids

  17. Hulio Radriges

    Hulio RadrigesPred mesecem

    Will pass MSI 2021 AVIABLE?

  18. FireMocs

    FireMocsPred mesecem

    Finally Jax Have A Spear

  19. Wenona

    WenonaPred mesecem

    xbox jax really hits different

  20. Senna P

    Senna PPred mesecem

    Uh oh jax got a weapon update

  21. Reply if triggered

    Reply if triggeredPred mesecem


  22. Andrew Bost

    Andrew BostPred mesecem

    I like how they had to edit in cheering because China was dead quiet that night lol.

  23. Mehtab Ahmed

    Mehtab AhmedPred mesecem

    u should do a song with the score

  24. BONKtoryu

    BONKtoryuPred mesecem

    *Battle boss veigax?*

  25. Duy Kyary

    Duy KyaryPred mesecem

    Have not ward dwg

  26. Alberto Di Dio

    Alberto Di DioPred mesecem

    Nerf riven

  27. 김재현

    김재현Pred mesecem

    담원! 담원!

  28. Abir Mahmud

    Abir MahmudPred mesecem

    other than leona and jhin the rest look hella ugly

  29. Diego Nieves

    Diego NievesPred mesecem

    Typo in the thumbnail. "Conquerer"

  30. W VP

    W VPPred mesecem

    Jax 1v9

  31. 아잉놈

    아잉놈Pred mesecem

    제발 리메이크 모데카이저경 5월달에 나오게 해주세요ㅠㅠ

  32. meme science

    meme sciencePred mesecem

    Idk if I am dumb but how do you type in lol

  33. Canna

    CannaPred mesecem

    When is the start of MSI 2021?

  34. San Sanny

    San SannyPred mesecem

    The beat fuse with the kennen skill at 1:06 sound so satisfying

  35. Chocolate chip cookie Gacha

    Chocolate chip cookie GachaPred mesecem

    Am I the only one who loves Kenner’s cute recal?

  36. Snoopy Clues

    Snoopy CluesPred mesecem

    1:28 Arcade Veigar: Daddyy... Jax: 🤦‍♀️

  37. Mutasim Hasan Muhi

    Mutasim Hasan MuhiPred mesecem

    Jax can 1v5 them all in reality, honest.

  38. Cormac Colligan

    Cormac ColliganPred mesecem

    The jax dancing at the end means he won the 1v5

  39. dean morello

    dean morelloPred mesecem

    idk how i feel about this haha

  40. Erfan Alaei

    Erfan AlaeiPred mesecem

    Pls make a cinematic for ZILEAN ty

  41. L1ghting

    L1ghtingPred mesecem

    You better nerf broken champs, But i know money...... :/ 200 years btw trash game


    CORN SYRUPPred mesecem

    g2 better

  43. Mega Bonker

    Mega BonkerPred mesecem

    1:13 Jaxdekaiser

  44. Mega Bonker

    Mega BonkerPred mesecem

    @Itsna Aulya M Excuses me, where you from?

  45. Itsna Aulya M

    Itsna Aulya MPred mesecem

    kak kamu di bobol


    RISHAV GAMINGPred mesecem

    When League of Legends mobile game coming in India?

  47. BOT_ ERROR_

    BOT_ ERROR_Pred mesecem

    *Jax jump into 1v5 fight Rest of his team :? ? ? ? ? ?

  48. Sang

    SangPred mesecem

    Jax fan 1:10 🤘🤘🤘

  49. FeWCaT

    FeWCaTPred mesecem

    I would love to see a *K┼ŁŁ |ƷIIŁ* movie or take √ÅÇÇ┼ɲ€ and lie down...

  50. Jay Wong

    Jay WongPred mesecem

    Nuguri/raccoon kennen is the cutest!

  51. Ilber zeqiri

    Ilber zeqiriPred mesecem


  52. ToOhhmsz Mc Azudia

    ToOhhmsz Mc AzudiaPred mesecem

    i can hear jax say "bring it on".. 😆

  53. Frosty marc

    Frosty marcPred mesecem

    Not sure if it's cuse im high but this was lit AF like straight fire like the new joyner & Lil baby song

  54. tiểu cường

    tiểu cườngPred mesecem


  55. Brittany Turner

    Brittany TurnerPred mesecem

    finally jax inst useless

  56. Mako Ako

    Mako AkoPred mesecem

    Yea, lategame Jax is just going to 1v5 them

  57. xPongy

    xPongyPred mesecem

    POV Jax: Pentakill!

  58. ImperfectionIsIn

    ImperfectionIsInPred mesecem

    Jhin is more fourfection

  59. Szabó Nimród Zombor

    Szabó Nimród ZomborPred mesecem

    Will the chromas only be available in the packs?

  60. Arky

    ArkyPred mesecem

    I swear Leona's hair was blonde

  61. The Fast

    The FastPred mesecem

    Never thought rubick could become the strongest being in the universe

  62. Thành Đạt Hồ

    Thành Đạt HồPred mesecem


  63. Rogue

    RoguePred mesecem


  64. Tomek Bukoski

    Tomek BukoskiPred mesecem


  65. Zanlan

    ZanlanPred mesecem

    Conquerer theme is red, Rito.

  66. Ace Healer

    Ace HealerPred mesecem

    I can’t get over how cool Jhin’s guitar is

  67. hi

    hiPred mesecem

    Lmao its funny how they added the cheering effects at the start

  68. AY AY RON

    AY AY RONPred mesecem

    Day 4000000000 of asking for updates on Arcane...

  69. Bun Bun

    Bun BunPred mesecem

    Jax pentakill

  70. SintSuke

    SintSukePred mesecem

    Ah yes, nice fake cheering added when DWG won. We all heard the silence from the audience when DWG won.

  71. Raiden Umbra

    Raiden UmbraPred mesecem

    DWG "Yes we are the champions!!!" Jax "First time?"

  72. Raiden Umbra

    Raiden UmbraPred mesecem

    @Joe Al True

  73. Joe Al

    Joe AlPred mesecem

    not for Jhin

  74. NinJan1n3 _

    NinJan1n3 _Pred mesecem

    whys prestige conq jax not shown here?

  75. Melandryel X

    Melandryel XPred mesecem

    well, jax 1 v 5 looks like a normal thing to happen

  76. CHefrey gang

    CHefrey gangPred mesecem

    misspelled conqueror in the thumbnail

  77. Nekzon gaming

    Nekzon gamingPred mesecem

    I am waiting for the day when the League of Legends game will be launched in India.

  78. Minh Đức Đặng

    Minh Đức ĐặngPred mesecem

    Cuộc bạo loạn ở mid sesean invi

  79. playlists club

    playlists clubPred mesecem

    *Who Just ended up here for no reason*

  80. skr

    skrPred mesecem

    This gwen cosplays

  81. Supreme Draggy

    Supreme DraggyPred mesecem

    Kinda funny corona virus existed and no one talks about it in this video.

  82. gayboy.

    gayboy.Pred mesecem

    okay but my next dream league band is zoe, neeko and lillia and maybe yuumi just because of how UNIQUE THEIR DESIGNS ARE.

  83. Otto

    OttoPred mesecem

    Dude that "band" would do ASMR xD

  84. Kio hand

    Kio handPred mesecem

    Is this Will be the opening ceremony

  85. Hugo Lännholm

    Hugo LännholmPred mesecem

    Battleboss jax is so trash i dont think a lot of people will try to get it

  86. Spelheim

    SpelheimPred mesecem

    Mafia graves be like: "First they took my cigar now they took my name".

  87. Assassin Clown

    Assassin ClownPred mesecem

    싸인 너구리 너무 귀여운거 아니야 ㅋㅋ?

  88. Edicor

    EdicorPred mesecem

    jax 1v5. yeah they should have gotten help

  89. لؤي LUAI 1

    لؤي LUAI 1Pred mesecem

    In the small hotel till after tomorrow. Still brook. Nothing changed with me still. 🔥💪🔥 .

  90. Trug Nguyễn

    Trug NguyễnPred mesecem

    màu tưởng độc mà trông phèn quá


    ARRIDMUAREO A rPred mesecem


  92. Wafflez

    WafflezPred mesecem

    It looks so off when Leona is the only one with the chroma. There must have been some miss communication on the editing crew right?

  93. FireFuzion // JD

    FireFuzion // JDPred mesecem

    Lets be real 5vs 1? Jax would win that

  94. Bläze Luminous

    Bläze LuminousPred mesecem

    the disrespect to bang tho they gave him plastic wing and mah boi ghost looks like a gods wings

  95. Provivadex

    ProvivadexPred mesecem


  96. Florin-Mihai Luca

    Florin-Mihai LucaPred mesecem

    graves mains be like *where graves*

  97. Majesticals Agario

    Majesticals AgarioPred mesecem

    Jax be like let me show you guys how its done. Absolute chad

  98. Marcin Claude

    Marcin ClaudePred mesecem

    I can't waiting for Worlds 2021

  99. Lanae Belle

    Lanae BellePred mesecem


  100. Crusader Kun

    Crusader KunPred mesecem

    Bruh ngl Jax's staff kinda looks like a Aghanim Scepter but green

  101. guedelupe

    guedelupePred mesecem



    ELECTRO BEATPred mesecem

    Day 10 of commenting under lol vids till rito releases "magma chamber" (1v1 and 2v2 mode).


    ELECTRO BEATPred mesecem

    @Cryø Delta ty 🙌

  104. Cryø Delta

    Cryø DeltaPred mesecem


  105. Faris ihe

    Faris ihePred mesecem

    riot music team smurfing once again

  106. matias romero

    matias romeroPred mesecem

    They all look like they are trying to cosplay Gwen.

  107. mạnh đức

    mạnh đứcPred mesecem

    Final boss Jax ?

  108. Jeph Kaplan

    Jeph KaplanPred mesecem

    Nobody moved

  109. Doubleplayer1000

    Doubleplayer1000Pred mesecem

    POV: Jax jumps into a 1v5 fight POV 5 sec later in vid: Jax only one left dancing

  110. Doubleplayer1000

    Doubleplayer1000Pred mesecem

    @LunarSkyWolf7 Clones! They are already invading our society xD

  111. LunarSkyWolf7

    LunarSkyWolf7Pred mesecem

    Dude I almost thought I left a comment here without remembering, lol.

  112. merp

    merpPred mesecem

    Jax>DWG confirmed.