Making the DWG Worlds Championship Team Skins | League of Legends

Ever curious how the DWG Worlds Championship Team skins could be made from scratch? Watch this behind-the-scene video throughout the long journey of DWG pro-players and our developers with their creative efforts along the way.

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  1. MateoX

    MateoXPred 19 dnevi

    4:39 XD

  2. Youtuber 6602

    Youtuber 6602Pred 27 dnevi

    I wonder how are they gonna do in this year world after losing msi

  3. undel shoot

    undel shootPred mesecem

    -0/ 10

  4. Ghost

    GhostPred mesecem



    TOP HUNTERPred mesecem

    thx riot for this

  6. Calugar Andrei

    Calugar AndreiPred mesecem

    Ty Riot for putting subtitles on videos so we can all understand what they say.

  7. Selmokk

    SelmokkPred mesecem

    I love the "make Nidalee a cute kitty" request 😄

  8. Mathys MERMET

    Mathys MERMETPred mesecem


  9. Jakuboss

    JakubossPred mesecem

    damwon won.

  10. Ibrahem CooL

    Ibrahem CooLPred mesecem

    We need a new skinned kayn like

  11. Lazarica Paul

    Lazarica PaulPred mesecem

    Ornn ???

  12. Dawid

    DawidPred mesecem

    weebs OUT!

  13. Tamagoi

    TamagoiPred mesecem

    When your native language comes in handy for a youtube vid.

  14. Paul Guerrero

    Paul GuerreroPred mesecem

    1:02 when the coaches are more happier than the players.... cringe hhahaha

  15. 1996ToyotaCorolla

    1996ToyotaCorollaPred mesecem

    so leona is now a waifu? mk, now i really feel that dwg shouldn't have won.

  16. Jota de Juan

    Jota de JuanPred mesecem

    Ese aspecto es mucho mas apropiado para un ghnar que crece que para un Kennen. No tienen sentido las dobles orejas

  17. Davide Cerizza

    Davide CerizzaPred mesecem

    leona and selphie ....

  18. Animal 17

    Animal 17Pred mesecem


  19. shinichy tanoy

    shinichy tanoyPred mesecem

    am I the only one who thinks that damwon playstyle is very toxic?

  20. Melusine M

    Melusine MPred mesecem

    Why ?

  21. Galefron

    GalefronPred mesecem

    Idk. Still IG is the best

  22. Xoferit

    XoferitPred mesecem

    Why are ther speaking chineese?

  23. wtfwasthat16

    wtfwasthat16Pred mesecem


  24. Cospry Kebab

    Cospry KebabPred mesecem

    For me G2 are true winners xd

  25. SnowFlake

    SnowFlakePred mesecem

    why does tf have such abs- I

  26. Dango Boi

    Dango BoiPred mesecem


  27. Abel kuyumjian

    Abel kuyumjianPred mesecem

    4:40 The pillows were too much for Riot

  28. Lord Zukasa

    Lord ZukasaPred mesecem

    When they have to censor the pillows at 4:38

  29. Legendary Tim

    Legendary TimPred mesecem

    Man wished lNuguri was in the shot too

  30. Will Brunn

    Will BrunnPred mesecem

    Beryl: Anime Waifu. Canyon: "To all cat sitters kitty is love"

  31. Stonkberry

    StonkberryPred mesecem

    beryl just wanted his waifu huh

  32. Hocgames

    HocgamesPred mesecem

    Algun dia quiero canar el tonero champion

  33. SeeName

    SeeNamePred mesecem

    poor Ornn

  34. Emily Spell

    Emily SpellPred mesecem

    Jestem absolutnie zakochana w tych skórkach i jak tylko się pojawiały to kupiła Leonę. Gdybym grała pozostałymi postaciami i miała więcej środków to skusiłabym się na wszystkie, bo kompletnie mnie oczarowały 💙🤍

  35. LL Ana

    LL AnaPred mesecem

    game rác

  36. doing63

    doing63Pred mesecem


  37. Enkoh

    EnkohPred mesecem

    anyone else dislike riot calling it Season 2020, i genuinely feel like calling it Season 10 and having a number for each World Championship is more significant for the tradition then just putting the year for the Season instead

  38. Haze II

    Haze IIPred mesecem

    kitty is love

  39. Micael Faustino

    Micael FaustinoPred mesecem

    6:06 lmao

  40. Rendel Eder Frades

    Rendel Eder FradesPred mesecem

    DWG Jhin seems look like SKT Jhin animation when casting ULT and recalling.

  41. Đăng Phạm

    Đăng PhạmPred mesecem


  42. Vu Nữ Chết Đói

    Vu Nữ Chết ĐóiPred mesecem

    Gacha Leonq

  43. Jenny Wakeman

    Jenny WakemanPred mesecem

    i have awful taste starter pack

  44. 도꾸야마

    도꾸야마Pred mesecem

    DWG[ ]KIA

  45. 왈왈

    왈왈Pred mesecem


  46. Odnar

    OdnarPred mesecem

    2:46 What is the name of this program that used.

  47. I V M O O N

    I V M O O NPred mesecem

    Скин на Джина чуть ли не полный плагиат SKT. Простите, но он вышел стремнее, чем все остальные.

  48. Obelisk

    ObeliskPred mesecem

    "Guitar" - has only 4 Strings. But yes, I get that making even smaller 6 Strings makes them practically invisible in-game.

  49. John Brylle Jumawan

    John Brylle JumawanPred mesecem

    Twisted fate is literally James Charles behind that mask

  50. T1TAN

    T1TANPred mesecem

    Me knowing Korean and actually enjoying the video

  51. Sky1x

    Sky1xPred mesecem

    they legit had to add fake cheering cause china didnt cheer at all RIP XD

  52. Andy Finesse

    Andy FinessePred mesecem

    Showmaker is such a cool name not even gonna lie

  53. Lucky Tanuki

    Lucky TanukiPred mesecem

    Shoemaker yes

  54. Your Dad Is Here

    Your Dad Is HerePred mesecem

    Watching them warring the old uniform makes me smile

  55. Billy Le

    Billy LePred mesecem

    6:06 naisu

  56. Irakyl

    IrakylPred mesecem

    This video is not cringe at all, I only realised this at 4:41 with the non-intrusive record scratch. A less capable producer would have done some over the top editing on that part because haha he said the funny thing! The video is very well composed, and it was fun hearing the Rioters themselves give their thoughts, on a level they're comfortable with.

  57. Тут типа крутой ник

    Тут типа крутой никPred mesecem

    Это так мило 🥺

  58. Vernon Roche

    Vernon RochePred mesecem

    to skórki jakiś chińskich dzieci mających po 1.30cm wzrostu dlatego ich nie kupię xD

  59. NiL

    NiLPred mesecem

    Riot's design team is so good man

  60. Lucas Thadeu

    Lucas ThadeuPred mesecem

    I don't know many other companies that give this kind of space and importance to their professional players.

  61. DonJ

    DonJPred mesecem

    5:14 waifu moment

  62. Levi Ackerman

    Levi AckermanPred mesecem

    does anybody know from which game leona is?

  63. Muntasim

    MuntasimPred mesecem

    "of course the league is getting better and better" yep u guys are champions enjoy your reign🤡

  64. 360guyftw

    360guyftwPred mesecem

    lmao poor censored saren

  65. Сита нян

    Сита нянPred mesecem

    So cool...

  66. Mighty Helper

    Mighty HelperPred mesecem

    5:50 Nya~

  67. Cat of Senia

    Cat of SeniaPred mesecem

    Teemo evo

  68. ZyberTechnica

    ZyberTechnicaPred mesecem

    "Nidalee is the best, N o J h i n i s t h e b e s t" ok.

  69. Zain Abbas

    Zain AbbasPred mesecem

    who will win this year?

  70. Sreyoshi Mahapatra

    Sreyoshi MahapatraPred mesecem

    this is so cool!!

  71. Mai Hùynh

    Mai HùynhPred mesecem

    Leona Waifuuuu

  72. Alexander M

    Alexander MPred mesecem

    gg team troll no tank xd

  73. Mai Hùynh

    Mai HùynhPred mesecem

    I finding engsub

  74. ツJust Astro

    ツJust AstroPred mesecem

    They legit remind me of Aoba Johsai because of what they're wearing.

  75. Lydia Robertson

    Lydia RobertsonPred mesecem

    "To all cat sitters, kitty is love." Most relatable comment this whole video xD

  76. Calvin C

    Calvin CPred mesecem

    Dang. I want it on wild rift! Especially kennen!

  77. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovPred mesecem

    I love this kind of videos.

  78. Hold this L

    Hold this LPred mesecem

    Riot really out here exposing people 2:15 🤣

  79. Zaurorex

    ZaurorexPred mesecem

    6:06 Jhin face XDDDDD How did nobody noticed this?!

  80. Wivez wolx

    Wivez wolxPred mesecem

    Riot game : silence, just buy.

  81. Nhật Phạm

    Nhật PhạmPred mesecem

    2:03 Beryl simppp

  82. 재원

    재원Pred mesecem

    5:13 아는 사람만 알아볼 수 있다는 그 팻말....

  83. 김준서

    김준서Pred mesecem

    몰라서 그러는데 저게뭐에요? 샤렌인가 걔가 들고있는건가

  84. France Abad

    France AbadPred mesecem

    Legit thought that Leona kinda looked like Nearl from Arknights.

  85. Арсений меньчиш

    Арсений меньчишPred mesecem

    Вау кеннена незабросили урааааааа

  86. League of Legends Clips

    League of Legends ClipsPred mesecem

    It's So Pretty 😍😜

  87. Sky LendNite

    Sky LendNitePred mesecem

    pentakirru. . .

  88. Peanut

    PeanutPred mesecem

    Summer Saren = DWG Leona

  89. Maley

    MaleyPred mesecem

    "Raccoon", What about Raccoon Teemo ?

  90. Jokey Boy

    Jokey BoyPred mesecem

    5:48 killer smile

  91. grimrocker354

    grimrocker354Pred mesecem

    Jhins Glitched out face at 6:05 bad quality control

  92. JudoMitzu

    JudoMitzuPred mesecem

    I was paying attention until i noticed the guitar with little witch academia stickers.

  93. 요나

    요나Pred mesecem

    4:38 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 라이엇! 모자이크 하니깐 더 이상하잖아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  94. Crayon_Logic44

    Crayon_Logic44Pred mesecem

    Sad to see Nuguri not there with them

  95. TFT RJ

    TFT RJPred mesecem

    Beryl didn't pick Pantheon bcuz it's male hahaha

  96. 김동현

    김동현Pred mesecem

    담원! 담원! 담원! 국뽕 차오른다 슈바!!!

  97. alasca sugar

    alasca sugarPred mesecem

    leona is so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love strong ladies in armor aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  98. 푸킁

    푸킁Pred mesecem

    really cute KENNEN

  99. Anthony Karls

    Anthony KarlsPred mesecem

    Jhin's new mask at 6:05 lookin good

  100. beans

    beansPred mesecem

    i can totally understand what they are saying YEP

  101. Pedro Paulo Poloni

    Pedro Paulo PoloniPred mesecem

    Broke: Winning worlds and choosing a champion that helped in the way. Woke: Winning worlds so you can make Riot put your waifu in the game.

  102. Sokheng Taing

    Sokheng TaingPred mesecem

    That’s why we love LoL

  103. BEATRIX ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ

    BEATRIX ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟPred mesecem

    Sure win

  104. Chrislyn

    ChrislynPred mesecem

    Jhin omgg