PROJECT | Official Skins Theme 2021 - League of Legends

Listen to the official theme for the PROJECT universe.

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  1. renz diaz

    renz diazPred 2 dnevi

    Project Yi is so cool

  2. John Vincent D. Lobio

    John Vincent D. LobioPred 2 dnevi

    I dont know why im listening this music every 12:00pm and imagining im on 2077 and the world like the new "Project" cinematic. XD

  3. Blade Valentine

    Blade ValentinePred 6 dnevi

    who's the last champ? -holding the sword with two hands

  4. xD

    xDPred dnevom


  5. Jerzy Zalewski

    Jerzy ZalewskiPred 6 dnevi

    jan urgot trzeci, ultem wciąga małe dzieci

  6. Benyi El alquimista

    Benyi El alquimistaPred 7 dnevi

    sois un fraude! solo pensais en el dinero y no arreglais los grandes errores del juego, ni balanceais bien a los jugadores, ni castigais a los toxicos ni nada! fraude!!

  7. Amoozy

    AmoozyPred 7 dnevi

    just make a project show already

  8. Sassy Saddles

    Sassy SaddlesPred 8 dnevi

    sylas and senna doesnt fit.

  9. Carson Delong

    Carson DelongPred 11 dnevi

    Who was at the end? 4:14

  10. xD

    xDPred 10 dnevi


  11. Vexar

    VexarPred 12 dnevi


  12. goh

    gohPred 13 dnevi


  13. Nerf Kitty Devil Liu

    Nerf Kitty Devil LiuPred 13 dnevi

    There all so cool, match’s the theme, nice I love it!

  14. lexen

    lexenPred 13 dnevi

    Song gives me fat black ops vibes

  15. Saki Yoshida

    Saki YoshidaPred 14 dnevi

    Drop a music

  16. Chytrusowa

    ChytrusowaPred 14 dnevi

    I hear Cyberpunk :>

  17. obe714

    obe714Pred 14 dnevi

    Sounds like something you'd hear in DarkOrbit back in the day, good stuff.

  18. Hùng Trương Quang

    Hùng Trương QuangPred 14 dnevi

    Cyberpunk 2077

  19. SushiOkie

    SushiOkiePred 15 dnevi

    The one of the best skinlines lol............Why Brazil? I dont get it.

  20. Yakurashgames

    YakurashgamesPred 15 dnevi

    this gives me a minimum of 2 reps extra when the beat drops

  21. Sebastian Do Curral

    Sebastian Do CurralPred 15 dnevi


  22. Lameed Rahman

    Lameed RahmanPred 16 dnevi

    dam the vibe of this sound. next level zone this shihh hypnotic

  23. Justin Atkins

    Justin AtkinsPred 16 dnevi

    Most lit music ive ever heard

  24. Harith Danish

    Harith DanishPred 16 dnevi

    i really wnt to play wildrift on my phone but it cant

  25. Jacob Hatfield

    Jacob HatfieldPred 18 dnevi

    Why is this song so epic

  26. HBH Alone Wolf

    HBH Alone WolfPred 18 dnevi

    This is so nice

  27. Andrei Streaja

    Andrei StreajaPred 18 dnevi

    I can't wait for movie date release :X

  28. NAVOJ

    NAVOJPred 18 dnevi


  29. VantablackXD

    VantablackXDPred 19 dnevi

    Mordekaiser sending you to Brazil 2077 edition

  30. FrozeWTF

    FrozeWTFPred 19 dnevi

    in LOOP mode

  31. Husk

    HuskPred 19 dnevi

    just vibin' ^_^

  32. CuckooGraph522

    CuckooGraph522Pred 20 dnevi

    What style of music is this??

  33. EMANUIL7 (E7)

    EMANUIL7 (E7)Pred 20 dnevi

  34. Tyeu Mie

    Tyeu MiePred 20 dnevi

    trailer of Project Jhin , Vayne and Vi is still the best , change my mind

  35. ColossalDonut5

    ColossalDonut5Pred 20 dnevi

    Kinda gives me DOOM vibes

  36. Danyzon Bv

    Danyzon BvPred 20 dnevi

    no es broma, cuando el mordekaiser proyecto me ulteo se me cerro el lol

  37. Six aka Hieu

    Six aka HieuPred 20 dnevi

    no warwick sadge

  38. ツGubelicious

    ツGubeliciousPred 20 dnevi

    why does this theme slaps wtf xD

  39. JRev

    JRevPred 20 dnevi

    Badass music and art!

  40. Knick_ Knack

    Knick_ KnackPred 20 dnevi

    My good we Need a movie about Project 😞!!! And Project Neeko would be so cool ngl you can make that ult shineee ;)

  41. Nikos Oikonomou

    Nikos OikonomouPred 21 dnevom

    Mick Gordon would be very proud of this..

  42. Otenkai

    OtenkaiPred 21 dnevom

    this song reminds me of the APB

  43. Anthony Rios

    Anthony RiosPred 21 dnevom

    I need this made into a beat saber map

  44. Ömer Berkay Kösek

    Ömer Berkay KösekPred 21 dnevom


  45. I can main it

    I can main itPred 21 dnevom

    Some valorant vibes

  46. Xose de Jesus Hurtado Avalos

    Xose de Jesus Hurtado AvalosPred 22 dnevi

    Anyone know where I can look at the Sejuani Art that shows up @1:23

  47. Dodex

    DodexPred 22 dnevi

    Someone can do remix pls

  48. Bas Zow

    Bas ZowPred 22 dnevi


  49. Potat LeBacon

    Potat LeBaconPred 22 dnevi

    I hope the new project gets a cinematic too

  50. Juanii

    JuaniiPred 22 dnevi

    sound like valorant nice..

  51. 나나이나이

    나나이나이Pred 23 dnevi


  52. Glenn Franklin Alejo

    Glenn Franklin AlejoPred 23 dnevi

    My god, riot why haven't you done a Project Episodes (A league of legends history) already? There's a lot of people literally crying in happyness for these concepts

  53. John The Bag

    John The BagPred 23 dnevi

    is it just me or does project varus look a lot like genji except he's now hanzo because of the bow

  54. Daniel ks

    Daniel ksPred 23 dnevi

    Good sound

  55. Articana

    ArticanaPred 23 dnevi

    With this song i feel like i can carry a team that feed the enemy team, but we all know its ff

  56. Khmer CBD

    Khmer CBDPred 23 dnevi

    Wild Rift up neeko please

  57. Teka

    TekaPred 24 dnevi

    this theme reminds me so much of black ops 2 I love it :D

  58. Player Unknown08

    Player Unknown08Pred 24 dnevi

    I love how this song is so obviously inspired on Cyberpunk 2077's OST, it's so fitting

  59. Lucas Scremin

    Lucas ScreminPred 24 dnevi


  60. Alexander Banman

    Alexander BanmanPred 24 dnevi

    What a banger.

  61. Shadow Woods

    Shadow WoodsPred 24 dnevi

    Doom slayer meets summoners rift

  62. Jared Peter

    Jared PeterPred 24 dnevi

    Reminds me of Doom Eternal

  63. Кто Это?

    Кто Это?Pred 24 dnevi

    3:20 like a freaking awesome anime op

  64. Communism

    CommunismPred 25 dnevi

    League of Doom: Eternal

  65. Jokubakas

    JokubakasPred 25 dnevi

    And those transitions between the rough blender model and the finished thing are genius

  66. Jokubakas

    JokubakasPred 25 dnevi

    How is PROJECT still not a movie trilogy?

  67. Meldu105

    Meldu105Pred 25 dnevi

    This universe and star guardian really needs an anime or series 💖

  68. Mehdi LDJ

    Mehdi LDJPred 25 dnevi

    1:28 thats going to my gym Album

  69. Vladimir Bergavera

    Vladimir BergaveraPred 25 dnevi

    the theme itself is epic

  70. 김호윤

    김호윤Pred 25 dnevi

    i need project yone please

  71. Mohammed Sokrab

    Mohammed SokrabPred 25 dnevi

    It's all fun and games until mordekiser starts running cyberpunk 2077 on ur 2011 laptop

  72. Sharven Hubbard

    Sharven HubbardPred 25 dnevi

    We NEEEEED project movie

  73. 61dcjuggernautt

    61dcjuggernauttPred 25 dnevi

    Project Jayce

  74. БоКс ХеД

    БоКс ХеДPred 25 dnevi

    Сделайте пожалуйста скин треш проект

  75. C F

    C FPred 25 dnevi

    Play it on x1.5

  76. Bruno Pelletier

    Bruno PelletierPred 25 dnevi

    senna splash art seem so out of place idk why

  77. Miraç

    MiraçPred 25 dnevi

    Would you support

  78. V enøm

    V enømPred 25 dnevi

    Does this imply that everyone is fighting mord in his ult?

  79. Corni Un

    Corni UnPred 25 dnevi

    I waAnnnnt sylas pls, give

  80. Mike

    MikePred 26 dnevi

    play doom eternal arc complex level with this on

  81. The Maximus

    The MaximusPred 26 dnevi

    Just a few hours baby

  82. Arif Fuad

    Arif FuadPred 26 dnevi

    is that new and improved project yas at the end

  83. Sönke Hamester

    Sönke HamesterPred 26 dnevi

    BRING BACK DOMINION, so the real Pros will have a Reason to return. SUCKERS!

  84. bctqntl

    bctqntlPred 26 dnevi

    hey riot can you make character face is beautiful and cute like on mobile version

  85. EchoGm

    EchoGmPred 26 dnevi

    I wish riot makes a Project lee sin

  86. MURM

    MURMPred 26 dnevi

    Привэт топ

  87. Mordred

    MordredPred 26 dnevi

    Man I kinda want a PROJECT themed tv series

  88. Beraire

    BerairePred 26 dnevi

    Project Senna should've been like that... 1:20

  89. kendeq

    kendeqPred 26 dnevi

    nie mogę się doczekać

  90. Crazed Humanoid

    Crazed HumanoidPred 26 dnevi

    I JUST noticed there’s a barcode on top of lucians head

  91. Zerato Manoft

    Zerato ManoftPred 27 dnevi

    Project Yuumi when rito pls?

  92. AnkuranDreams

    AnkuranDreamsPred 27 dnevi

    This makes me so hyped and I wish the project universe was its own game to enjoy

  93. WyllE

    WyllEPred 27 dnevi

    *PROJECT:* Infinity War

  94. WyllE

    WyllEPred 27 dnevi

    0% Lambogini 0% cursing 0% nudity 100% *PROJECT*

  95. Sharp

    SharpPred 27 dnevi

    They should really use this soundtrack more in the pro streams! Hope they use it at worlds for example!

  96. Jan Klíma

    Jan KlímaPred 27 dnevi

    So...still no project Kayn?

  97. Phoebe Dixon

    Phoebe DixonPred 27 dnevi

    omg this is so epicccc XD

  98. 김규민

    김규민Pred 27 dnevi

    Where is volibear?

  99. XgoldenRaul 99

    XgoldenRaul 99Pred 27 dnevi

    when will we have the new pass?

  100. Urbancsok Ádám

    Urbancsok ÁdámPred 28 dnevi

    Just introduce monthly fee and everything is fine. - No more new accounts: high elo losers and boosters wont stomp low lvl / new players - No more cheap account trade: easyer climb on higher elo ( 0 boosted , bought acc )

  101. Zle MLBB

    Zle MLBBPred 28 dnevi


  102. OLandO

    OLandOPred 28 dnevi

    I need PROYECTO: WuKong