Client, Clarity, and State of the Game | lol pls - League of Legends

In the first edition of lol pls, League’s executive producer Safelocked shares the latest on the client and game clarity. She’s joined by design director Meddler, who covers League’s current game state.


0:00 - Intro
0:41 - State of the Game
1:59 - Mythic Items
2:46 - Burst and Healing
4:11 - Role Strength
4:59 - Snowballing
5:51 - The Client
6:51 - Game Clarity
8:39 - Space Groove

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  1. sweetcattv

    sweetcattvPred 4 dnevi

    What people dont think dragon lee sin has clarity enough!?

  2. Genesiz Neo

    Genesiz NeoPred 8 dnevi

    You Ruined the game basically by changing how the system works! Before it was the champion kits that Where chosen by items for ex: Lissandra and AP Shaco could activate Liandry cause their kit enabled it. Now the system is so flawed that the classes make no sense because it’s not champions kit who match items but the champions who fill the gap of their weakness like adding Stridebreaker or Galeforce that fills the champions weakens! This flaws the system!!! This I why a lot of players like Gosu and Imqtp stopped playing. Please! Do something meaningful! Even if it means reverting the items!

  3. Nikhil Ananth

    Nikhil AnanthPred 16 dnevi

    Still no client fix. Do that first, this is from a seven year player. It’s getting tiring and really frustrating.

  4. Valér Klósz

    Valér KlószPred 17 dnevi

    This is the only MOBA out there without any comeback mechanics and the worst feeding mechanics ever in history. Especially in S11. People stop playing it... no surprise. Are YOU Mark Yetter?

  5. sclews

    sclewsPred 26 dnevi

    Dragonmancer Lee Sin still doesn't look anything like Lee Sin.

  6. Luke

    LukePred 28 dnevi


  7. Dien Tranlong

    Dien TranlongPred mesecem

    I learn english and league of legends

  8. Adrian O'Dorian

    Adrian O'DorianPred mesecem

    Please add MMR to Unranked play. It's hard to enjoy the game casually when you keep having to go up against people who've been playing for 5+ years.

  9. James Ledg

    James LedgPred mesecem

    lmao....this van roon guy has to be kidding? The team had issues with some items previously but the rework of the item in totality has opened a whole new set of problems. Burst damage was an issue pre-new items but the yea its gotten increasingly worse. The issue this season however has continuously been healing/lifesteal. I've yet to see a moba get this right. TBH league was close with S10 but then they change the entire item system and put it with items that do too much. Its essentially change the concept of the champs by giving too much without costing. Ill give two examples: Eclipse - the purpose of assassins is not to stay around but to be a skill matchup and find opening to 100-0 their opponent. They are supposed to flirt with dying in lane and turn it around. This item turns them into safer laners without sacrificing their burst. Shieldbow - anti-burst item that gives 20% crit and AS? Its meant to be a defensive item but provides that same stats as kraken or gf. An item that gives LS and a shield? There should be more than a -5 or 10ad between the more offensive items. The worst part about this is that grievous feels mandatory which means they receive no realy downside but tax their laner without any skill involved. While there are champs that tax the enemy (skarner mord etc.) and item should not mandate this.

  10. Iron Warrior

    Iron WarriorPred mesecem

    Ban ppl for inting, not for flaming

  11. Vaios Karpathakis

    Vaios KarpathakisPred mesecem

    You need to put men in charge of this cause the game is looking like a japanese anime lately

  12. iits riggs

    iits riggsPred mesecem

    03:56 Syndra vfx in skills W and E

  13. Order of the Banana

    Order of the BananaPred mesecem

    riot pls allow chronoshift to continue their project. I really want to experience old league so badly. pls riot

  14. MAQ Quint

    MAQ QuintPred mesecem

    Flaming is the worst it’s ever been. Great to see

  15. MAQ Quint

    MAQ QuintPred mesecem

    Flaming is the worst it’s ever been. Love to see it

  16. AAAHHH!!!

    AAAHHH!!!Pred mesecem


  17. Iron milk

    Iron milkPred mesecem

    fixing healing is simple: Buff health potions and nerf the healing gained from items.

  18. Brandon Spencer

    Brandon SpencerPred 2 meseci

    Idk who’s with me but I MISS SPELLBINDER

  19. IBlackRose

    IBlackRosePred 2 meseci

    Snowballing is in okay state he says. Nice joke

  20. YuYuYu

    YuYuYuPred 2 meseci

    Don't worry guys, only 3 more years before Riot takes meaningful actions to help curb griefing and inting. It takes time and definitely doesn't have clear obvious solutions.

  21. Seaweed Banana

    Seaweed BananaPred 2 meseci

    Just put aghanism scepter in league and I will play the game for another decade

  22. choi james

    choi jamesPred 2 meseci

    Riot please don't make me loose 15 to 17 lp when you guys give me 12 for a win. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  23. Berry

    BerryPred 2 meseci

    3:00 is so hillarious the more changes they do to the game you can see how they "fix" the amount of burst in the game. Nice Yorick changes btw, really needed that bonus damage so you can burst everyone down with your skill that's designed to be a dps originally

  24. Sam Patton

    Sam PattonPred 2 meseci


  25. Lol Lolz

    Lol LolzPred 2 meseci

    You say that you want people to not feel "hard bound" to buy that item. What happens when you design an entire champion around scalings that revolve around the same 4-5 items? Lethality and Pyke.... kinda hardbound dont you think?

  26. Ekkologystx3

    Ekkologystx3Pred 2 meseci

    "faster client" wow thanks no one asked for that. We wanted u to fix the car not make it go fast for a bit unless it suddenly breaks down.

  27. Green Sky

    Green SkyPred 2 meseci

    By this point they should rename the "Ask Riot" section into "WTF Riot?".

  28. Red2004HondaCivic

    Red2004HondaCivicPred 2 meseci

    I have my client infinitely loading, is there anything I can do to fix it.

  29. Hunter Gulia

    Hunter GuliaPred 2 meseci

    When r u guys gone launch mobile version in India?

  30. Hamse Anders

    Hamse AndersPred 2 meseci

    Snowballing and hyper carries are so stupid in this game. Pick a tanky jungler and know that you'll be completely unimportant in this game, it's all about which hyper carry wins their lane.

  31. Undeadplays Roblox

    Undeadplays RobloxPred 2 meseci


  32. Michele De Luca

    Michele De LucaPred 2 meseci

    Rework client NOW

  33. Polygon Death

    Polygon DeathPred 2 meseci

    Is it just me or has league client been much more buggy lately? Ive had times where we cant switch champs in clash, many, many times where I can’t be in post-game lobby because of the “skip stats” bug, league crashing entire monitor and requiring a pc restart to work again, correct role not showing up correctly when in a multiplayer lobby.

  34. Feeluck

    FeeluckPred 2 meseci

    they monitor snowballing? i doubt that. in the past few years every preseason enhanced the snowballing in league - to an extend, where a slight error in the early game will snowball into lategame without any chance for a comeback - unless the enemy screws up BADLY. at some point its not even about tactics, playstyle, etc. its just stomp or being stomped. the game lost alot of tactical depth!

  35. Heddwyn

    HeddwynPred 2 meseci

    Dont create more comeback mechanics. There is already massive bounties for shut downs as well as late game elder soul being able to completely turn a game. If there are too many come back mechanics then playing well wont feel as rewarding

  36. PathSythe

    PathSythePred 2 meseci

    "the goal of the preseason was to not increase the burst damage in the game." Im sorry, but surely you have some grain of knowledge 'working' on this game that had to realize adding those insanely broken items in the game was going to increase the burst damage? It blows my mind how often the same mistakes are being made over and over again. You've even made Aram worse by randomly buffing/nerfing champs based on, god knows what, but definitely not based on how good those champions actually are. For the love of this game and the players that want to play it, please think about what you're actually doing before releasing it and get some proper knowledgeable people involved.

  37. Whyareyounotveganyet?

    Whyareyounotveganyet?Pred 2 meseci

    Client buggy since 2009 Riot: we are working on it in 2021

  38. Damie Snow

    Damie SnowPred 2 meseci

    so, we're not going to talk about Immortal Shieldbow lol

  39. uh oh

    uh ohPred 2 meseci

    Add more items in the game. The shop is empty

  40. Polaroidguy

    PolaroidguyPred 2 meseci

    So for clarity .... lee sin is defined by his animation ... yeah so? And? More visual updates? Who? Who’s animation is wack? Idk what was the point tho

  41. Jakori

    JakoriPred 2 meseci


  42. DuckOut OG

    DuckOut OGPred 2 meseci

    finally they fixing the client, pretty sure it'll stay broke tho


    DAMIAN ZPIPPred 2 meseci

    DEAR LEAGE OF LEGENDS remove buffs and nerfs from ARAM game mode its destroing the game its unbalanced even more i play arams so mutch and i see what happening to the game ... its sad to watch game is going to be unbalanced even more leave arams how it be !!!! you destroing the game pls remove it i beg you its not helping at all ... kaisa doing 105 % dmg but tristiana do 90% ? whats going on ? kaisa is OP champion and do mutch more dmg ? how this can help us ? my last game tristiana 1/8 and kaisa 18/4 PLS PLS PLS DONT DESTROY ARAM THIS ONLY THING WHAT I ENOJ dont destroy it pls i beg you

  44. Ekko 3 MILLION

    Ekko 3 MILLIONPred 2 meseci

    TODAY is March 31, 2021. When I que up for a match it stays in que FOREVER, it does not que up a game. Then after about 5-6 minutes Riot warns you that you've missed too many ques. If you continue to try and que up for a game, you may get banned and restricted as many people appear to be facing. Riot is LITTERALLY punishing player for doing nothing wrong and simply because their client is so bugged and full of problems. FIX YOUR BUGGY CLIENT PLEASE! Consider having an ACTUAL HUMAN BEING authorize penalties sech as bans and restrictions.

  45. Xenopeltis

    XenopeltisPred 2 meseci

    Also take this game back from garena and make us dedicate SEA server please riot

  46. Tre Greeson

    Tre GreesonPred 2 meseci

    I actually really appreciate and respect these videos. They're not making any excuses, they're being honest and it's really refreshing. Keep it up Rito :)

  47. Yap KY

    Yap KYPred 2 meseci

    Imagine you want to report someone but client say : "SKIP WAITING FOR STATS"

  48. Alex Asuncion

    Alex AsuncionPred 2 meseci


  49. Nguyễn Trọng Nhân

    Nguyễn Trọng NhânPred 2 meseci

    Hi vọng sắp tới Anivia sẻ đc cập nhật trong Wild Rift. Vì đó là vị tướng tui idol . 🥰

  50. 달고나

    달고나Pred 2 meseci

    It is too difficult to match the Zyra q skill to the opponent right now. Please change it to the q skill before the remake. Please.

  51. Bykaru

    BykaruPred 2 meseci

    just put urf back that's all i want



    When is new Darkin coming?



    Last one was 4 years ago.

  54. Angelo Turingan

    Angelo TuringanPred 2 meseci

    plz BAN all the GARBAGE players

  55. soulseeker

    soulseekerPred 2 meseci

    There was one cool game called football hooligans i think was just so fun strategy game, anyway .

  56. Valentin Coserea

    Valentin CosereaPred 2 meseci

    Just because you ignore this message and your responsibilities. ​I only want to have fun and relax while playing this game, but people always ruin my games and my day. It is not normal that every game or every other game someone says 'EZ' or other things like this. Beside some contact sports, this behavior is not tolerated in many other games or sports. And I can assure you if we were to play face-2-face many players will not have the courage to do this as they would instantly get slapped just as they should. I don't believe you would agree with players that are participating in officials events, to take the mike after the game and proceed with shaming their opponents. In so many years of this game, you have done progress but still are unable to control your community. I do not understand why you are so unwilling to help this game progress, since I believe you are not clueless in this regard. All you have to do is introduce a new category for specifically reporting players with this type of behavior and actually do the reports, with 3 misbehaving in a short period resulting in suspension and then a BAN from the game (or idk think of something yourselves). Why are you people so keen on keeping players that don't want to at least try and behave and are pulling down the community and totally ruining the game. I know this game has many kids and they are hard to deal with, but considering it's your game, I'd say it is also your responsibility to at least try, which you don't seem eager on doing at all. And considering you already have a BAN system, which indicates you agree that some behaviors cannot be tolerated, I think you should also consider this particular behavior as it always has been around in the game. 'Ez' might not mean much I know, but for many it totally ruins the mood, and I don't think that taking some actions regarding this behavior is that hard, especially considering you are a company with a big revenue. All I am asking is that you show a little concern for you game and the people playing it. And to give me that new report category.

  57. PsDnK

    PsDnKPred 2 meseci

    One thing is Riot lying to us in written form. Another thing is Riot lying directly to us. I'm starting to love this company more and more

  58. ghandidaniel

    ghandidanielPred 2 meseci


  59. legonalas

    legonalasPred 2 meseci

    You know, the game would be in a much healthier state if we would look at the true issue that pushed the game in to such a burst heavy place. The existence of flash or the state it's in. Most mobas fixed this issue by adding a cooldown of a few seconds when you get damaged to stop it from being used as an instant escape. If the whole game no longer revolves around instant escapes then burst is no longer needed to combat that. Slowing down overall damage will make stuns less impactful as it takes at least a few seconds before someone dies. Bringing back champions like Leona for example to a healthier place without changing their kit. It will leave room to lower overall damage in the game, slowing down the pace making the flow of the game feel more fair. It will make other summoner spells more desirable overall and would really stop/revert the power creep that has been going on in the last few years. Stuns aren't long in league compared to any other game and the current state they will never be short enough to feel fair. Because people die within 1 second anyway. Tanks can be balanced better around lower damage outputs overall. So much of this game can be traced back to this one summoner spell. The reason why burst feels needed and tanks never seem to balance out right. The reason heals and lifesteal are so critical to boos to absurd heights because they have to compensate around these high burst damaging abilities, which exist because everyone has a chance to instantly peace out of a fight. Slowing down flash however is a very big change as it will impact the balance of the game in a big way. Therefor I would suggest to keep it until a season change as this is when players feel most comfortable for big changes to the game. But it's also the easiest change as it will fix most of the issues that plague this amazing game right now. The reason why this game struggles with balance so much more than any other moba.

  60. legonalas

    legonalasPred 2 meseci

    Maybe stop adding new mechanics and start removing/reworking problematic ones so that balancing becomes less of an issue. Work on your roots, stop putting band-aids on and avoiding the main issues.

  61. SSG(SuperStareGry)

    SSG(SuperStareGry)Pred 2 meseci

    Stomp or get stomped. Current state of the game.

  62. Jaden JK

    Jaden JKPred 2 meseci

    I'm a mac user can you tell me why the heck my riot client aint working?

  63. ACE112ACE112

    ACE112ACE112Pred 2 meseci

    why remove statikk shiv?

  64. alkaliaurange

    alkaliaurangePred 2 meseci

    Maybe it's time to give healing the same treatment as ability haste. Stacking more and more of it gives diminishing returns

  65. nu

    nuPred 2 meseci

    What? The client has not improved at all. I literally run into a bug every day. And it still eats up a ton of resources from my pc.

  66. Inuman Tips

    Inuman TipsPred 2 meseci

    im staying for this promise of better client. and might sell my account if they fail. 4years of trash client is enough bs.

  67. Legion of B00M

    Legion of B00MPred 2 meseci

    Nothing gives us more confidence than talking about upcoming changes over Beginner Bots gameplay

  68. Oskar

    OskarPred 2 meseci

    The real mystery is assassins and tanks being 0 5 out tanking a 8 0 mage and 1 shotin them

  69. Simple Fool

    Simple FoolPred 2 meseci

    feels like a joke atm, just as always

  70. Glu

    GluPred 3 meseci

    where is kha zix nerf?

  71. Hingle Macringleberry

    Hingle MacringleberryPred 3 meseci

    How are they actually this clueless to how absolutely god awful the state of the game is right now?

  72. Soldius

    SoldiusPred 3 meseci

    Warwick has no option he needs tiamat or he is not a champion (or the item thats same as tiamat active or bami's )

  73. AUT whisky

    AUT whiskyPred 3 meseci

    im not even wondering why the state of the game is so bad. looking back at the item changes they legit had no plan what they were doing. the visuals looked like some intern drrew them in paint and the balancing he probably coinflipped along the way. just turn down the damage creep of the game. i dont care w/e your statistic say but if a healing bruiser can tank more than an actual tank something is horibble wrong with the game. not even speaking of echanters, you are legit forced to play like an e girll support on them otherwise you get os by anything that hits you.

  74. Mathis Heinrich

    Mathis HeinrichPred 3 meseci

    Riot forgot that they developed some other cool gamemodes besides Urf, OfA and Nexus-Blitz ...... I wanna turn back time to the dark-star thresh gamemode :C

  75. Adrien SMITH

    Adrien SMITHPred 3 meseci

    when tf are you guys gonna announce isolde or put her on the pbe if shes in space groove then???

  76. michał

    michałPred 3 meseci

    Maybe nerf every healing by 25%, remove 60% heal debuffs and leave 40% only (or 25/40%).I hate fact that you can have 60% debuff that also deal 20% of your hp on just 3min cooldown summoner spell.

  77. Emil Mejia Pinto

    Emil Mejia PintoPred 3 meseci

    Bring back 3v3 !

  78. Ben Adams

    Ben AdamsPred 3 meseci

    Who here doesn’t play league of legends lol

  79. Hanosy

    HanosyPred 3 meseci

    "nice" client bro

  80. David F

    David FPred 3 meseci

    winter map :(

  81. Laurenz Keller

    Laurenz KellerPred 3 meseci

    pls punish dodgers more in master+ elo i always have to wait 20 mins in average before a game starts (because team comb looks bad)

  82. Le Pwelele

    Le PwelelePred 3 meseci

    I hate the guy talking must be a pain to hear him everyday, sorry for the teammates

  83. NinjaWinston

    NinjaWinstonPred 3 meseci

    one for all is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  84. 李東霖

    李東霖Pred 3 meseci

    Just want you to know since jungle got nerf I haven’t played any ranks anymore. I’m wondering if the balance team noticed that jungle is not a playable lane. In season 8 or 9 I was a challenger, now I quit lol because I don’t think it’s fun to play anymore.

  85. Rift Walk

    Rift WalkPred 3 meseci

    Riot better make Star Guardian Darius on 11.7

  86. Paolo Junior

    Paolo JuniorPred 3 meseci

    "the silhouette"...the real problem of lol


    ZENBEZINEPred 3 meseci

    Fix the client!!!

  88. ROWS OFFICIAL : Amateur Gamings

    ROWS OFFICIAL : Amateur GamingsPred 3 meseci

    that jessica nam speaks like the accent of AMD CEO

  89. Randoom Puff

    Randoom PuffPred 3 meseci

    since they made this video i got the friend list client bug every day and i never got it before nice

  90. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovPred 3 meseci

    I'm loving all the stuff in this video.

  91. Geneviève Savard

    Geneviève SavardPred 3 meseci

    When will they fix the account transfer? Are they at least working on it?

  92. Cat GG

    Cat GGPred 3 meseci

    The silhouettes surely are super different with every new champ being either a hot babe or hot guy...

  93. El Kapuan

    El KapuanPred 3 meseci

    You lied to us, promised us a new champion and failed us, for the first time Riot Games failed us.

  94. JuIL1One

    JuIL1OnePred 3 meseci

    rework tryndamere

  95. Kian Lally

    Kian LallyPred 3 meseci

    TLDR: if you thought yoricks current state was bad you about to see something

  96. Lil FiXXX

    Lil FiXXXPred 3 meseci


  97. Syri

    SyriPred 3 meseci

    I'll never stop saying this WE WANT LOGIN ANIMATIONS BACK

  98. damn damn

    damn damnPred 3 meseci

    High elo is Not playable when you get autofilled. Imagine playing against a master kaisa as First Time ezreal. Delete the autofilsystem for Diamond 1+

  99. Lapis Firestar

    Lapis FirestarPred 3 meseci

    The clients speed has not ever been my issue with it youve been "working" on the client for 6 months, did you put ONE employee on that???

  100. Lobo Ragnarök

    Lobo RagnarökPred 3 meseci

    renval pls

  101. Golden Phönix

    Golden PhönixPred 3 meseci

    pls fix server transfer

  102. Alucard

    AlucardPred 3 meseci

    Feedback for new champs: "There are 45 Toplaners ,42 midlaners, 38 junglers, 33 Supports and only 23 ADC/Botlaners. 1.2.3 Quick quick maths what is uneven here?