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  1. OffTheJuice

    OffTheJuicePred 11 urami

    what a dumb champion, literally the definition of unbalanced. you cant play tanks into her, and she is good against most fighters. riot champ makers were on something when they did this

  2. wotcfetish

    wotcfetishPred 22 urami

    everytime i think maybe i should play lol after x years i watch a champion spotlight and then instantly be reminded why i stopped

  3. Lin Yun

    Lin YunPred dnevom

    nocturne will destroy this champion

  4. Anime soundtrack

    Anime soundtrackPred dnevom

    Malphite:my time has come

  5. the homeless mage

    the homeless magePred dnevom

    I think W should swap with ult

  6. Skit Kun Xxon

    Skit Kun XxonPred 2 dnevi

    Guys I Just Watched This Vid And Saw Gwen Hair And I Just Realized Her Hair Kinda Look Like Guinevere From Mlbb Hair Because Its Curly Also Both Of The Character Names Start With G

  7. Weretyu7777

    Weretyu7777Pred 2 dnevi

    Everyone else be talking about her being unbalanced, but can we just stop and appreciate her voice line gently chiding Lucian for missing?

  8. 鴨鴨Chainse

    鴨鴨ChainsePred 4 dnevi

    she is so cute I WILL DIE FOR YOU

  9. 湛藍天

    湛藍天Pred 5 dnevi

    Irelia:Seriously? my old ult?

  10. Alex Chau

    Alex ChauPred 6 dnevi

    Sen i soshitsu

  11. F1rst World NomaD

    F1rst World NomaDPred 7 dnevi

    The irony of Gwen beating Malphite in this video?

  12. Diana sleja

    Diana slejaPred 7 dnevi

    This champion look like from anime Kill la kill Nui harime.

  13. 420th Legioner

    420th LegionerPred 8 dnevi

    Uses giant scissors to fight the enemy, 100% NOT ANIME


    VINSMOKEPred 9 dnevi

    Sheele from akame ga kill🤗

  15. Frog The III

    Frog The IIIPred 12 dnevi

    Whz dose she have 5% scaleing

  16. CaptainTalon448

    CaptainTalon448Pred 12 dnevi

    They deadass made a Kill la Kill character into a champion

  17. Avo Prim

    Avo PrimPred 9 dnevi

    Trigger: Yeah, Nui Harumi.

  18. Nick Tauro

    Nick TauroPred 12 dnevi

    Haven't seen her once in pro play.

  19. Cheems Lord

    Cheems LordPred 12 dnevi

    that W so stupit lmao

  20. Maxime Malo

    Maxime MaloPred 12 dnevi

    one stupid champ congrats

  21. RaZoR WrAiTh

    RaZoR WrAiThPred 13 dnevi

    *Fate anime hits LoL☄️🌋*

  22. Lazy_man

    Lazy_manPred 14 dnevi

    Played he and she is very very squishy you can say you can CUT her like a paper lol. Joke a side you need to buff her defensives or to rework Her W to be completely immune or to give more armor and magic resist.

  23. MKBRLY

    MKBRLYPred 14 dnevi

    Akame ga kill??

  24. Grin

    GrinPred 14 dnevi

    When the cosplayers had enough.

  25. CraZGuy Kwan

    CraZGuy KwanPred 15 dnevi

    Her giant scissors reminds me of Clock Tower

  26. cashbag2012

    cashbag2012Pred 15 dnevi

    These puns gave me syphilis

  27. Ogre

    OgrePred 15 dnevi

    i hate this champion

  28. ignore celeb haters

    ignore celeb hatersPred 17 dnevi



    NOTHINGPred 17 dnevi

    can you guys make a new hero called dababy

  30. Connor Graves

    Connor GravesPred 17 dnevi

    So this is just kill la kill

  31. Avo Prim

    Avo PrimPred 9 dnevi


  32. Zeratul

    ZeratulPred 17 dnevi


  33. Susan Hoon

    Susan HoonPred 17 dnevi

    Oh the cringe puns

  34. Siliniss

    SilinissPred 20 dnevi

    why does everyone need a windwall and vayne passive these days

  35. Flute Cop

    Flute CopPred 20 dnevi

    You can hear how tired that "tons of damage" - guy is.

  36. Tekcham Daimond

    Tekcham DaimondPred 21 dnevom

    I think the game is little uncomfortable 2gb and its not that nice please make up the sound and make it little bigger .thanks

  37. Chunky34

    Chunky34Pred 23 dnevi

    isnt she Ryuko matoi from kill la kill?

  38. Avo Prim

    Avo PrimPred 9 dnevi


  39. Curt Alfred Aloba

    Curt Alfred AlobaPred 24 dnevi

    Can you plays stop making anime characters

  40. GenericJoeKid

    GenericJoeKidPred 24 dnevi

    Gwen: *kills malphite* Me: *visible confusion*

  41. S.C.J 05

    S.C.J 05Pred 24 dnevi

    now and just wait for the Wild Rift hehe

  42. Shadow Dragon

    Shadow DragonPred 25 dnevi

    Hatsune Miku 😍 Lol

  43. Wiczus

    WiczusPred 25 dnevi

    Another Tank Assassin Bruiser Carry Champion, how wonderful

  44. ViceN53X

    ViceN53XPred 25 dnevi

    Imagine sleeping with your fumo one night, only to wake up to your waifu the next morning

  45. Aristotally

    AristotallyPred 26 dnevi

    Oh hey welcome back Irelia.

  46. iluvsquarez

    iluvsquarezPred 27 dnevi

    Let's make BofRK into a passive, yay!

  47. Miso Soup

    Miso SoupPred 22 dnevi

    Thats viegos passive tho, bortk does current health, this is max hp

  48. Dwight Luther Doria

    Dwight Luther DoriaPred 28 dnevi

    10/10 not broken :>

  49. Nathan Dunn

    Nathan DunnPred 28 dnevi

    *akame ga kill intesifies*

  50. Michael Gunning

    Michael GunningPred 28 dnevi

    Remember when fiora had that ult

  51. Adrian

    AdrianPred 29 dnevi

    delete this champion

  52. DaShonuff

    DaShonuffPred 29 dnevi

    The puns tho.

  53. Chocolate Cumprimenta

    Chocolate CumprimentaPred mesecem

    Now we need a paper based champion.

  54. Dino - brawl stars

    Dino - brawl starsPred mesecem

    c,mon it is just a moving doll with big she is cool i want her in wild rift

  55. Shivan

    ShivanPred mesecem

    for no reason at all

  56. Shivan

    ShivanPred mesecem


  57. Shivan

    ShivanPred mesecem

    wie alt ist die alte

  58. depression progression

    depression progressionPred mesecem

    The mist ability completely ruins her theme. It makes zero sense.

  59. Creed

    CreedPred mesecem

    stop adding so many characters, i cant keep up

  60. 𝐾𝑎𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑎

    𝐾𝑎𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑎Pred mesecem

    Campeão roubado do cão

  61. Vince Diondo

    Vince DiondoPred mesecem

    3:06 wait was that me!?

  62. Finnegan Gillis

    Finnegan GillisPred mesecem

    so another lolita champ? mkay

  63. Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

    Thoth Hermes TrismegistusPred mesecem

    oh look another dash champ. Literally every single champ that comes out has a dash. What a joke

  64. Miso Soup

    Miso SoupPred 22 dnevi

    @Thoth Hermes Trismegistus well she really doesnt have dashes, and if you catch her without her stacks, yea she's immobile

  65. Thoth Hermes Trismegistus

    Thoth Hermes TrismegistusPred 22 dnevi

    @Miso Soup did you just say lillia is immobile?

  66. Miso Soup

    Miso SoupPred 22 dnevi

    Seraphine, lillia, sett, aphleios are quite immobile if you ask me, not every new character has a dash :/

  67. CyberMan

    CyberManPred mesecem

    Remind me of akame ga kill.

  68. The Sword Prince

    The Sword PrincePred mesecem

    Whoa, another scissor-blade user. The first was Ryuko. This one I like because of the color.

  69. Avo Prim

    Avo PrimPred 9 dnevi


  70. Jorg

    JorgPred mesecem

    Aight, enough League, you guys went too far

  71. Jillian Sheedy

    Jillian SheedyPred mesecem


  72. Yigit Buyuktasli

    Yigit BuyuktasliPred mesecem

    akame ga kill sheele=gwen

  73. John Nathan Iraham

    John Nathan IrahamPred mesecem

    Mine + Sheele

  74. 아리왕자 Ahri prince

    아리왕자 Ahri princePred mesecem

    한국인 없나?

  75. Zer0

    Zer0Pred mesecem

    Riot just wake a on a day and choose the most op meta champs ever

  76. Miso Soup

    Miso SoupPred 22 dnevi

    She literally came out with a 35% wr, i dont think she's broken

  77. Kuksoman

    KuksomanPred mesecem

    any Guild Wars players..... Gwen doll.... rly?

  78. sinfulltears

    sinfulltearsPred mesecem

    "she's tailor made for the top lane" cute joke but we know she will be a Jungler.

  79. Random dude

    Random dudePred mesecem

    Don't tell me Moonton will copy her🤫🤫

  80. Brezeriken

    BrezerikenPred 25 dnevi

    @Quang Anh Vũ But Gwen's skills are different from Guinevere's

  81. Quang Anh Vũ

    Quang Anh VũPred 27 dnevi

    and release before 2 year this champ

  82. Quang Anh Vũ

    Quang Anh VũPred 27 dnevi

    hmm you know guinever? her is original gwen

  83. James Clown master

    James Clown masterPred mesecem

    We said NERF, not URF!

  84. James Clown master

    James Clown masterPred mesecem

    Nerf NERF NERF Please..

  85. Calistra

    CalistraPred mesecem

    WOW! So cool! An anime copy & paste champ! Haven't seen that before!

  86. Gwen Larot

    Gwen LarotPred mesecem

    Yay, My name is finally used.

  87. Feeluck

    FeeluckPred mesecem

    way too cute for a doll brought to life

  88. nub

    nubPred mesecem

    How many scissor puns??? I counted 14

  89. Zenolegor

    ZenolegorPred mesecem

    "Gwen does constant damage" that's exactly what I wanna hear about an AP champion with a dash, true damage and an untargetability spell.

  90. Miso Soup

    Miso SoupPred 22 dnevi

    @Yuri Lopes thing is vayne's true damage is true damage, which you csnt build against, but gwens %hp damage is magic damage, so you're able to stack mr

  91. Yuri Lopes

    Yuri LopesPred 27 dnevi

    and she heals off the damage, dont forget that. also %hp dmg at least vayne has to auto 3 times to get %hp true dmg

  92. Ricgabriel villajuan

    Ricgabriel villajuanPred mesecem

    Can't wait for some "other" company to copy this hero and use this 😉

  93. Kerben Agustin

    Kerben AgustinPred mesecem

    Hi sana mabisita mo bahay ko

  94. 대리기사 김기사

    대리기사 김기사Pred mesecem

    Gwen is never good if you are in Gold

  95. A Pony

    A PonyPred mesecem

    can't wait for riot to tease a champion through their onlyfans account in the names of constructing a parasocial relationship

  96. C003 Plays

    C003 PlaysPred mesecem

    A truly cool design.

  97. Ken Roth

    Ken RothPred mesecem

    I miss Vainglory.

  98. Mallowz

    MallowzPred mesecem

    Scissors Vs Rock Gwen...

  99. Straw hat chin

    Straw hat chinPred mesecem

    Sheele of akame ga Kill😂

  100. Devin Beverly

    Devin BeverlyPred mesecem

    I don't play Lol much, but I feel like I've heard this same passive and kit overall a thousand times now.

  101. Shark Lover

    Shark LoverPred mesecem

    A FIGHTER THAT BUILDS AP ? im a pissed off otp pta fizz hybrid build spammer. so where can i copy strike diss champion ? Edit: of course im joking but diss didnt needed to exist.

  102. Roby TV

    Roby TVPred mesecem

    i tried her and its so good

  103. the dezzy dez

    the dezzy dezPred mesecem

    gwen is weak

  104. Kobold Knight

    Kobold KnightPred mesecem

    The W in this video acts differently from how it works in live. I think the Spotlight W would be way better than the live W


    SENPAI PINKPred mesecem

    kill la kill., whers the papers im seuing

  106. Avo Prim

    Avo PrimPred mesecem

    Trigger: Please do not sue.

  107. Alexander walker

    Alexander walkerPred mesecem

    Did you have to make this wedge?

  108. ⸻

    Pred mesecem

    whats with the stupid puns?

  109. Jan Emerand Sotto

    Jan Emerand SottoPred mesecem

    Well I like to use gwen but too soon,when the first time I met her in the summers rift when I laning phase and,before clashing I use ezreal and try to shot her using the true shot barrage and she use mist and I can't kill her when she use that anoying mist,but there is a solution for that teknique,if she already use the mist and trying to escape if she is low hp I'm going to use the true shot barrage,well piece of cake🙂

  110. Afsar Ahmed

    Afsar AhmedPred mesecem

    so you can never die to towers as long as you are in the mist....

  111. theknight91 91

    theknight91 91Pred mesecem

    Gwen is a knock off Shelly from Akame ga Kill.

  112. Reaperfalll

    ReaperfalllPred mesecem

    And yet anlther overtuned champion. Congrats riot

  113. Israel gomez

    Israel gomezPred mesecem


  114. Judge Pepper

    Judge PepperPred mesecem

    Brand : why don't you move along dolly

  115. n8doogie

    n8doogiePred mesecem

    They’re really making any kind of Champion now, eh?

  116. Dušan Bataveljic

    Dušan BataveljicPred mesecem


  117. Ishii

    IshiiPred mesecem

    Yung angela lang alam mo pero sawa kana mag support