Dr. Mundo Gameplay Preview | League of Legends

Unhinged and unrestrained, the doctor is back and smashier than ever! Prescribe danger with Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun.

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  1. phqutub

    phqutubPred 4 urami

    Ruined for no reason. The graphics keep getting shittier like they are getting ready for mobile.

  2. Manki

    MankiPred 8 urami

    His hair looks too mich like k-pop

  3. Glow ecco

    Glow eccoPred 16 urami

    say what, not too bad what they did to him but ill definitely miss hearing the old "↗MUN↘DO"

  4. StarLight

    StarLightPred 22 urami

    Even the ending shows that Mundo have no brains but muscles

  5. Anime Fan

    Anime FanPred dnevom

    Nerf it now

  6. Sidney Dykes

    Sidney DykesPred dnevom

    Immune to cc because he goes where he pleases? The flavor! It’s delicious!


    TEHCODPred dnevom

    His E is just his headbutt wtf?

  8. x Miuna x

    x Miuna xPred 2 dnevi

    He went from Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Chad

  9. Jacob

    JacobPred 2 dnevi

    Oh god wtf is this

  10. Luke :D

    Luke :DPred 2 dnevi

    1:05 my favorite part

  11. RpiesSPIES

    RpiesSPIESPred 3 dnevi

    Tbh the passive is badly named, as it guides mundo. Not quite where he pleases.

  12. Throckmortius The Bold

    Throckmortius The BoldPred 4 dnevi

    The whole time I didn’t realize he had a bunny slipper

  13. Thoticcus Prime

    Thoticcus PrimePred 3 dnevi


  14. L Sir

    L SirPred 5 dnevi

    *_SAIDO CHESTO!!!_*

  15. It's League

    It's LeaguePred 4 dnevi


  16. SSamberr Tate

    SSamberr TatePred 5 dnevi

    stupid rework, annoying tank, and annoying damage。 stupid rework。

  17. DinoFlash x

    DinoFlash xPred 5 dnevi

    Ta terrible el Hulk violeta

  18. ItzMango Btw

    ItzMango BtwPred 5 dnevi

    They ruined Mundo for me

  19. Andrew H

    Andrew HPred 5 dnevi

    utterly pathetic

  20. maxrocko

    maxrockoPred 5 dnevi


  21. notlengthy

    notlengthyPred 5 dnevi

    didn't think they could make mundos voice any worse but hey, its riot we're talking about

  22. Sara Sampaio

    Sara SampaioPred 6 dnevi

    the tribe dancing at the end just won

  23. Seaworth

    SeaworthPred 6 dnevi

    Basically Sion with no fun from Q and R

  24. Bruno Merletti

    Bruno MerlettiPred 6 dnevi


  25. Alex Ortiz

    Alex OrtizPred 6 dnevi

    Why is mundo lowkey hot tho?

  26. Santiago Pulgarín Tobón

    Santiago Pulgarín TobónPred 6 dnevi

    riot please stop making brokens champ, this is no funny

  27. R W

    R WPred 6 dnevi

    I dunno... the voice work for old corporate Mundo was my favourite of all of them. "Mundo upwardly mobile!" "MUNDO FILE!" "Mundo need you to come in on Thursday..."

  28. あれBanana

    あれBananaPred 6 dnevi

    Stonks He sounds smarter now indeed

  29. Lawrence Guilaran

    Lawrence GuilaranPred 7 dnevi

    This the moment where Arnold Schwarzenegger stoped being terminator and turned into a zombie, who think's of himself as a doctor.

  30. Bradley Ross

    Bradley RossPred 7 dnevi

    old mundo was better

  31. Benyi El alquimista

    Benyi El alquimistaPred 7 dnevi

    sois un fraude! solo pensais en el dinero y no arreglais los grandes errores del juego, ni balanceais bien a los jugadores, ni castigais a los toxicos ni nada! fraude!!

  32. Beh Kettler

    Beh KettlerPred 7 dnevi

    LOL at the end made me think of Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood Anyone else???

  33. Gadriel Van Orion

    Gadriel Van OrionPred 7 dnevi

    i think the mundo rework is great, it rly does alot of good for him now i return to my corner and cry for aatrox as he got deleted and not reworked

  34. Gregers Risbjerg

    Gregers RisbjergPred 7 dnevi

    mundo knows stonks!

  35. Scott Huffman

    Scott HuffmanPred 8 dnevi

    Now if only they could make it balanced to play xD

  36. LozoGaming

    LozoGamingPred 8 dnevi

    So he's literally unstunnable?



    I really didnt expected the ending lol

  38. Dachilie

    DachiliePred 8 dnevi

    Slowdown 0:11 to 0.25x sounds like godzilla roar

  39. Ethan Sickman

    Ethan SickmanPred 8 dnevi

    Stonks go up!

  40. Leadman1989

    Leadman1989Pred 8 dnevi

    Likes go up

  41. Leadman1989

    Leadman1989Pred 8 dnevi

    Riot: Mundo play rate go up Me: Wallet go down

  42. Cyber Armadius

    Cyber ArmadiusPred 8 dnevi

    Mundo: Looks like got too many parts Urgot: And you're purple but I'm not judging. Have some respect Mundo: ._.

  43. Rehan Protekon

    Rehan ProtekonPred 8 dnevi

    Aku benci mundo ketika dia ulti, terlebih di Wild rift

  44. soggycookie Crumbs

    soggycookie CrumbsPred 8 dnevi

    he needs sum buff

  45. EdenVR 1

    EdenVR 1Pred 8 dnevi

    broken check

  46. Quacky

    QuackyPred 9 dnevi

    Yeah...well...he has lost all of his charm and identity.

  47. JupTV

    JupTVPred 9 dnevi

    No mention of Tons of Damage? That's a disklike from me I'm afraid.

  48. marcjayson iran

    marcjayson iranPred 9 dnevi

    Did he say "stonks"?

  49. banana cat

    banana catPred 9 dnevi


  50. Michel Galli

    Michel GalliPred 9 dnevi

    Look how they massacred my boy...

  51. That Wolf In Your Backyard

    That Wolf In Your BackyardPred 3 dnevi

    @Frank Hribal "big fat stupid man" joke vs purple burly e-boy. tbh, both are fine

  52. Thoticcus Prime

    Thoticcus PrimePred 3 dnevi

    @Frank Hribal No

  53. Frank Hribal

    Frank HribalPred 4 dnevi

    yeah, why rework mundo of all champs. wasnt he fine already?

  54. Kay Art

    Kay ArtPred 9 dnevi


  55. maxiswhomaxis

    maxiswhomaxisPred 9 dnevi

    I will hate riot till doomsday for that rework only. They don't play their own game any longer it seems

  56. Nennek Colod

    Nennek ColodPred 9 dnevi

    not gonna lie gonna miss the troll build rylai slow with his old W on aram xD

  57. Weastern film critic

    Weastern film criticPred 9 dnevi

    You've ruined what makes mundo mundo and it hurts me I loved him

  58. The Red Grin

    The Red GrinPred 9 dnevi

    Riot: So how do we make Mundo more appealing in his rework? Riot Employee: Hot. Riot: ... Y e s.

  59. Samuitsuki

    SamuitsukiPred 8 dnevi

    Yeah. Riot only making hot champs now.

  60. Nexodas

    NexodasPred 9 dnevi

    Wonder what this means for his Wild Rift version

  61. Tiberian Fiend

    Tiberian FiendPred 9 dnevi


  62. Tomislav Terek

    Tomislav TerekPred 9 dnevi

    they destroyed yet another character. well done riot-

  63. Nath Henn

    Nath HennPred 9 dnevi


  64. Eunice Lee

    Eunice LeePred 9 dnevi

    Why do I hear boss music? Oh no 1:04

  65. Djedi Fdue

    Djedi FduePred 9 dnevi


  66. Nadir NiDoo

    Nadir NiDooPred 9 dnevi

    Stronks go up looooooooooooooooool that got me

  67. The Grim Critic

    The Grim CriticPred 10 dnevi

    Classic Mundo: “MUNDO!” Rework Mundo: “WhO dArEs ChALLeNgE tHe MiGhTy SqUaTaCLeS?!”

  68. William Dublin

    William DublinPred 10 dnevi

    Meh this visual update to me just seems off he's coming off more like dude bro now

  69. Warkera

    WarkeraPred 10 dnevi

    This champion ... is beyond broken

  70. Moe Georgio

    Moe GeorgioPred 10 dnevi

    he is basicly Hulk in purple xD

  71. mona lisa

    mona lisaPred 10 dnevi

    Noo they killed mundo

  72. Bakon Man

    Bakon ManPred 10 dnevi

    doctor mundo is wearing 1 bunny slipper by the way

  73. Tasos Lotet

    Tasos LotetPred 10 dnevi

    nerf him now

  74. Zachary Lindsey

    Zachary LindseyPred 10 dnevi


  75. Cao Sơn Nguyễn

    Cao Sơn NguyễnPred 10 dnevi

    Mundo go where ever he pleases xD

  76. Brian M

    Brian MPred 10 dnevi

    Seriously? Update a champ I actually want to play.....

  77. Shikuritoka THV

    Shikuritoka THVPred 10 dnevi

    is it was batmetal?)

  78. Lonystal

    LonystalPred 10 dnevi

    The reworked champions are so much better than the new champions

  79. Julien D

    Julien DPred 10 dnevi

    basically mundo is a steroid monster

  80. LiqurMeUp

    LiqurMeUpPred 10 dnevi

    "Stonks go up!" lol, Apes of the world unite!!

  81. danoxdetonados

    danoxdetonadosPred 10 dnevi

    Dois ano e meio pra refazer essa merda? Esperava bem mais...

  82. nobody

    nobodyPred 10 dnevi

    cringe af

  83. Dr Sparkles

    Dr SparklesPred 10 dnevi

    Ruining 1 champ at a time


    VSEMILUBIMPred 10 dnevi


  85. Robert Troyye

    Robert TroyyePred 10 dnevi

    Tangina mo Riot games babaan Mo yung MS neto

  86. Shutton-ton

    Shutton-tonPred 10 dnevi

    Stonks go up

  87. Girmantas Liškauskas

    Girmantas LiškauskasPred 10 dnevi

    Pls fix this champ i perm ban him now

  88. Raoul 9753

    Raoul 9753Pred 10 dnevi

    200 years of experience and they still though THAT was balanced enough to go live... "Hey, remeber that ULTIMATE we gave Olaf? Lets make that Mundos PASSIVE!"

  89. Camilo Castillon

    Camilo CastillonPred 10 dnevi

    He said it, He said the thing


    SUBHANJANPred 10 dnevi

    Mundo's combo q,q,q,q,q,q,q

  91. gi8809

    gi8809Pred 10 dnevi

    No champion spotlight?

  92. micme

    micmePred 10 dnevi

    Worst balancing team on the planet.

  93. Dagz Daveed

    Dagz DaveedPred 10 dnevi

    He's definitely Kevin's Small Talk from The Office

  94. Kwstas Trl

    Kwstas TrlPred 11 dnevi

    I swear this mundo is so freaking unbalanced against singed...

  95. Kaito Minamoto

    Kaito MinamotoPred 11 dnevi

    Meme man : Stonk Dr Mundo : Stonk

  96. Hilpeä Lölli

    Hilpeä LölliPred 11 dnevi

    Did they rework that guy

  97. Davis Dingle

    Davis DinglePred 11 dnevi

    I don't love the voice acting tbh but love the design.

  98. My Nguyen

    My NguyenPred 11 dnevi

    oh wait the new face reminds me of that dude in Outlast: Whistleblower T_______T the dude who keeps finding his "bride" hahaha

  99. Beruze BuBu

    Beruze BuBuPred 11 dnevi

    new mundo is the most cranky model champion ever. it's Warcraft 3 cranky bruh.

  100. Kiwi&Wiki

    Kiwi&WikiPred 11 dnevi

    I'm probably to bad of a player but when I played the new Mundo yesterday he didn't throw the bag (his E) but rather AA with it for couple of seconds, little bit like his old E. In this video he throws it and can hit several opponents. I'm really confused. Can someone explain? I feel kinda stupid right now....😟

  101. McconnellRet

    McconnellRetPred 11 dnevi

    Gameplay preview with no ability descriptions... nice.

  102. Vanish Beats

    Vanish BeatsPred 11 dnevi


  103. Michael Campbell

    Michael CampbellPred 11 dnevi

    Okay, I'm not ashamed to admit it: I wish I looked as good a Mundo in a suit!

  104. EGY GAMER

    EGY GAMERPred 11 dnevi

    too OP btw

  105. Leo

    LeoPred 11 dnevi

    Great Riot you just made more people to simp this champion and you just make it hotter than the original. Can you guys just made a champion that doesn’t define beauty but make it a decent looking character. Not just having muscular body or and hourglass body shape for women. Just make a decent champion.

  106. Noah Burnette

    Noah BurnettePred 11 dnevi


  107. Rextle

    RextlePred 11 dnevi

    Stonk trading genius