TFT Dev Drop: March 2021 I Dev Video - Teamfight Tactics

Out with the old set, and in with the new! Looking back at Fates and forward to TFT's next set.

Teamfight Tactics - Free Sign Up \u0026 Download


  1. Eychu Tey

    Eychu TeyPred mesecem

    When will sea server finally arrive...😭

  2. ExpectTheUnexpected

    ExpectTheUnexpectedPred mesecem

    lol he looks like an Orthodox priest

  3. Khatib Masjid

    Khatib MasjidPred mesecem


  4. BullyScope

    BullyScopePred mesecem

    Cant wait to sell my soul to the devil :)

  5. ツ

    Pred mesecem

    that beard is more powerful than a legendary unit

  6. Aidan Picken

    Aidan PickenPred 2 meseci

    I really like the idea of the TFT labs and what that potentially means for new modes going forward. I personally really liked the Fortune trait of Fates but often would find myself coming 7th/8th place if I ran 6 Fortune, before I had a chance to really start generating some items, or I had rolled so hard just trying to get sejuani that I would not have enough 3 star units to compete against other players in the lobby and win rounds (hence defeating the point of 6 Fortune). My dream game mode for TFT is one that could potentially last for much longer than a normal game (potentially just against AI players or continuous PVE rounds of increasing difficulty) to really get to flesh out end game team compositions and item combinations more extensively than is normally possible in a regular match (kind of like some mobile auto-battlers eg. Raid: Shadow Legends, Idle Heroes, AFK Arena, etc), or some combination of this with private lobby's that I could help use to introduce less competitive friends of mine (like my girlfriend) into the genre. Just my two cents as to what I can see potentially for TFT, love the game as it is but also :)

  7. Academy Jason

    Academy JasonPred 2 meseci

    When do we get tft with bots just so i can practice

  8. mIggy BoneZ

    mIggy BoneZPred 2 meseci

    Why isn't there tft mobile on ph I wanna play 😔

  9. SUSTv0

    SUSTv0Pred 2 meseci

    TFT youtubers gonna cry for Fortune.

  10. PewPewDragon

    PewPewDragonPred 2 meseci

    us: Can we have rotating game modes again? riot: We will have rotating game modes again rotating game modes again: TFT labs

  11. ESC Stroopwafel

    ESC StroopwafelPred 2 meseci

    As long as Olaf is permanently removed instead of brought back with three more buffs in his ability, I'm curious

  12. Berk Gamsız

    Berk GamsızPred 2 meseci

    yanlız aureal solla shyvana gelmedi

  13. Angelo Turingan

    Angelo TuringanPred 2 meseci

    who made THIS GARBAGE

  14. Angelo Turingan

    Angelo TuringanPred 2 meseci


  15. Angelo Turingan

    Angelo TuringanPred 2 meseci

    garbage game garbage GAME!!!

  16. Abby Garcia

    Abby GarciaPred 2 meseci


  17. Evr

    EvrPred 2 meseci


  18. Angelo Turingan

    Angelo TuringanPred 2 meseci

    wtf RIOT i won two games and i only got 9 and 13 lp i lost one game and i lose 15 lp WTF FIX it then when i got demoted i lost 25 lp dude WTF ranked is broken READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kou Seiya

    Kou SeiyaPred 2 meseci

    2.5billion hours you freaking addicts :D

  20. William Sean

    William SeanPred 2 meseci

    When will tft be compatable with tablets?

  21. Godmaid

    GodmaidPred 2 meseci

    iPad support???

  22. bs mahdi

    bs mahdiPred 2 meseci


  23. bs mahdi

    bs mahdiPred 2 meseci


  24. SSG(SuperStareGry)

    SSG(SuperStareGry)Pred 2 meseci

    How about fixing shop for start?

  25. 2z52

    2z52Pred 2 meseci

    I liked galaxy tft. no chosen. easy to see what comp you wanted by looking at items , and it was easy to learn team comps.

  26. 2z52

    2z52Pred 2 meseci

    no chosen mechanic, please.


    DAMIAN ZPIPPred 2 meseci

    DEAR LEAGE OF LEGENDS remove buffs and nerfs from ARAM game mode its destroing the game its unbalanced even more i play arams so mutch and i see what happening to the game ... its sad to watch game is going to be unbalanced even more leave arams how it be !!!! you destroing the game pls remove it i beg you its not helping at all ... kaisa doing 105 % dmg but tristiana do 90% ? whats going on ? kaisa is OP champion and do mutch more dmg ? how this can help us ? my last game tristiana 1/8 and kaisa 18/4 PLS PLS PLS DONT DESTROY ARAM THIS ONLY THING WHAT I ENOJ dont destroy it pls i beg you

  28. Timmy Turner

    Timmy TurnerPred 2 meseci

    Bring back 1v9 Riven. Best thing ever happend, no cap

  29. Traitor AS

    Traitor ASPred 2 meseci

    i miss set 1 very much

  30. kalou

    kalouPred 2 meseci


  31. яєι愛

    яєι愛Pred 2 meseci

    aight I change my mind remove cultist players these days really depend on galio and kalista to win.

  32. Samurai Kattepus

    Samurai KattepusPred 2 meseci

    I really wonder how Teemo is gonna be like. It looks like his ability on the battlefield isn't that strong (looks like he just got some atk speed buff and maybe some extra dmg), but maybe he works like Ornn in Set 4, meaning he will give something else of great value. I hope that is the case! Can't wait to try the new comps in TFT Set 5 as well. Especially the "evil" trait ^-^

  33. Robi G

    Robi GPred 2 meseci

    when will TFT come to Asia?...

  34. Kuesa

    KuesaPred 2 meseci

    yo i didn't realize riot hired nick mullen to do tft updates

  35. Lautaro Astengo

    Lautaro AstengoPred 2 meseci

    add kayn to set 5 please

  36. jhechtf

    jhechtfPred 2 meseci

    If fantasy artwork has taught me anything it's that the longer the beard the stronger the wizard.

  37. J Cai

    J CaiPred 2 meseci

    I can't choice item? Anyway TFT still not work well on iPad, screen size and graphic are not looking good. Expect I will have a lot loses again.

  38. Ferus Kambana

    Ferus KambanaPred 2 meseci

    go nerf some Champs dude cuz it's not balanced

  39. Jinni Mimi

    Jinni MimiPred 2 meseci

    Thank you Mort and the TFT team . I love TFT 💕 P/S But I love Fortuna the most 🤣🤣🤣

  40. Nai Somar

    Nai SomarPred 2 meseci

    Hi Jack Dorsey

  41. Thiago Oria Gomes

    Thiago Oria GomesPred 2 meseci


  42. Szabina Farkas

    Szabina FarkasPred 2 meseci

    Syndra back!!

  43. Zedge Gamer

    Zedge GamerPred 2 meseci

    I download league of legends on my brother's computer but this game does not working I download this game three times but no result ....

  44. Sungwoo Park

    Sungwoo ParkPred 2 meseci

    Bro bring back rengat

  45. Zhi Hao Teoh

    Zhi Hao TeohPred 3 meseci

    I bet when ur goatee grown to 10m SEA region still can only play TFT via PC client only

  46. Thenish1

    Thenish1Pred 3 meseci

    1 month and 5 days left til' I regain my mental

  47. Mark Gregory

    Mark GregoryPred 3 meseci

    best thing about next set? it wont have the chosen mechanic!!

  48. Gbyrd99

    Gbyrd99Pred 3 meseci

    What's up with devs and absurdly long facial hair

  49. Link error 404

    Link error 404Pred 3 meseci

    Please rework my boy Olaf... He has been the same since the game lunched come on riot

  50. Skanborg

    SkanborgPred 3 meseci

    So sick

  51. PlayerOne Lycren

    PlayerOne LycrenPred 3 meseci

    It is weird that i haven’t seen this game come to consoles yet. Like the switch is pretty much a tablet and 80 million units are out there.

  52. Da Ashkus

    Da AshkusPred 3 meseci

    That egg pun makes me want to go egg

  53. Nicholas Lam

    Nicholas LamPred 3 meseci

    is there a way you guys can put all 5 sets together. as in if you wanna play set 1 you can, set 2 you can etc etc

  54. Jiggler

    JigglerPred 3 meseci

    Phew yeah cookies at window coke pull up n get em Wildrift for nana said MEANINGLESS INSIGNIFICANTLY THE BOTMAN nice voice u muppet I said nana 16 cookies I’ll tell edit times up kiwi deploy the bayonet team riot go home to play with China release date or no more honour. Not even king kiwi on the planet Hollywood I just wanted to put nana hands in the concrete carefully ST A THONY FIRE STOMP IT OUT

  55. Jiggler

    JigglerPred 3 meseci

    Edit my bad got my buddy casleb ringringrjgnalongaong this week

  56. Jiggler

    JigglerPred 3 meseci

    Final edit I oo choose you VPN i account for but Singapore I was bored

  57. Rabbit

    RabbitPred 3 meseci

    wait this guy actually works for riot, i thought he was like a schizophrenic or something

  58. Lippy

    LippyPred 3 meseci


  59. Neil Hatrick Harris

    Neil Hatrick HarrisPred 3 meseci

    As someone named Zach, I only want y'all to FINALLY include Zac into tft, it's my lifelong dream. Please, I BEG YOU!

  60. ItsTricky

    ItsTrickyPred 3 meseci

    No one talking about how he sounds like Mr.Beast?

  61. League

    LeaguePred 3 meseci

    28th April on live servers When is it on PBE..

  62. Iwiejen corbes

    Iwiejen corbesPred 3 meseci

    I proud of you

  63. Esper Nova

    Esper NovaPred 3 meseci

    Wish Udyr was 5 cost that has the Samira skill system

  64. Bananowiec :P

    Bananowiec :PPred 3 meseci

    jem mame antka

  65. Bananowiec :P

    Bananowiec :PPred 3 meseci

    ja tez

  66. Blackbeard Peterson

    Blackbeard PetersonPred 3 meseci

    But like... what´s your skincare routine?

  67. Vid Centa

    Vid CentaPred 3 meseci

    imagine fixing client

  68. Tyomka 8

    Tyomka 8Pred 3 meseci

    So u made a Xin Zhao rework without rework trailer

  69. Marinos

    MarinosPred 3 meseci

    -Sadly I'm not supposed to say who it is yet. -But it's Draven.

  70. Csaba Csiszár

    Csaba CsiszárPred 2 meseci

    Not Draven, its Draaaaaven

  71. Voom Bpick

    Voom BpickPred 3 meseci

    I still waiting For KDa

  72. poşet.exe

    poşet.exePred 3 meseci

    when you are in a barbershop and just finished your haircut but you need to shoot a tft video

  73. Tofu Guy

    Tofu GuyPred 3 meseci

    Experimental or Practice tool is very much needed here. Keep it up riot

  74. Guilherme Palma

    Guilherme PalmaPred 3 meseci

    Pls dont make the same mistake again, we were tired of set 4 and then u bring set 4.5 ..... That was boring

  75. Konrád Kecskés

    Konrád KecskésPred 3 meseci

    pls tell me there wont be Lee Sin- like units in the future

  76. Tyler W

    Tyler WPred 3 meseci

    pog pog pog pog

  77. Des  • 23 years ago

    Des • 23 years agoPred 3 meseci

    Why I can't play this on mobile

  78. Arda gundogdu

    Arda gundogduPred 3 meseci

    tell riot games to delete teemo from everything please thank you

  79. WretchedRitual

    WretchedRitualPred 3 meseci

    NERF GAREN-NOT STRIDEBREAKER. Dog balancing team

  80. BlueNovaFlame

    BlueNovaFlamePred 3 meseci

    somebody give this guy a Wizzard Hat to match the goat

  81. Yazid Ougati

    Yazid OugatiPred 3 meseci


  82. RedPanda

    RedPandaPred 3 meseci

    Transfers? Like when will Transfers be open again? Its been over half a year, with 1 day where they opened for like 3 hours, hello? Transfers please.

  83. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyPred 3 meseci

    Lol that goatee is CGI. Look at the intro you can see through it

  84. Stranger

    StrangerPred 3 meseci

    buff renekton ult pls

  85. Bobjoe2143

    Bobjoe2143Pred 3 meseci

    Mortdog be looking like Mandarin from Iron Man 3

  86. Siva Ramgoolam

    Siva RamgoolamPred 3 meseci

    I feel like hyper-roll is gonna be rly convenient when I wanna play TFT but don't have 30-45 minutes to spare

  87. Sen Lê

    Sen LêPred 3 meseci

    it is very nice

  88. Eos Nikolai

    Eos NikolaiPred 3 meseci

    srry i accused league as a arrogant thing

  89. PANDA

    PANDAPred 3 meseci

    i wonder how much they had to pay him to say that terrible pun. lol

  90. Cool Hand Luke

    Cool Hand LukePred 3 meseci

    Now heres a empty soul...

  91. VeryImportant Person

    VeryImportant PersonPred 3 meseci


  92. Thomas Laurel

    Thomas LaurelPred 3 meseci

    You rock mort keep up the great work

  93. Matthew Lee

    Matthew LeePred 3 meseci

    Why did I think Mort had a cape on ready to get a haircut?

  94. Mr Ben

    Mr BenPred 3 meseci

    thanks a bunch mord

  95. Матеја Милентијевић

    Матеја МилентијевићPred 3 meseci

    is there gnar

  96. PH1LZ

    PH1LZPred 3 meseci

    How about an app update for iPad supporting actual iPad resolution? This is ridiculous, seriously Riot.

  97. Changabang

    ChangabangPred 3 meseci

    tft is trash. release the riot mmo and stop wasting time on this and runeterra. garbage games for garbage people lol

  98. Jomar Maraño Jr.

    Jomar Maraño Jr.Pred 3 meseci

    Any TFT updates in PH?

  99. E-Mod

    E-ModPred 3 meseci

    League of legends trash Mobile legends good

  100. AntiHero

    AntiHeroPred 3 meseci

    Love Mort but his lines look so forced...Sry they made you do it, buddy

  101. W.D. GASTER

    W.D. GASTERPred 3 meseci

    if i sell teemo,can i get my hp ?

  102. Sand Moose

    Sand MoosePred 3 meseci

    mort's head looks like a keyhole, braid to achieve Viking status

  103. Erdem Abalay

    Erdem AbalayPred 3 meseci

    Tft mobile sürümünü ne zaman düzelticeksiniz?

  104. Tmhltr

    TmhltrPred 3 meseci

    You know what we need, player gold earned and gold banked graphs by round that you get to view at the end of each match . That way you can more easily compare your gold management strategies to others.

  105. Tmhltr

    TmhltrPred 2 meseci

    @King Harlequinn If you could see a line graph of your total gold earned of everyone in the game round by round it would be super interesting, and it would make people better in my opinion. I think your over simplified view is very incomplete.

  106. King Harlequinn

    King HarlequinnPred 2 meseci

    ? its simple. if you are the same level as your opponent but homie has more 2 stars and 30 gold while you have none, hes better thanyou!