Space Groove | Official Skins Theme 2021 - League of Legends

Listen to the official skins theme for Space Groove 2021.

League of Legends - “Space Groove”
Written, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by: Riot Music Team
Saxophones and Flute: Sal Lozano, Jeff Driskill
Trumpets: Wayne Bergeron, Dan Fornero, Michael Stever
Trombones: Alan Kaplan, Ryan Dragon, Craig Gosnell
Violins: Mark Robertson, Ben Jacobson, Katie Sloan, Ashoka Thiagarajan, Paul Cartwright, Sam Fischer
Bass Guitar: David Hughes
P/C Riot Games 2021

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  1. Eazzyx

    EazzyxPred dnevom

    Cette musique me met tellement bien !

  2. Mountain Bùi

    Mountain BùiPred 2 dnevi

    Welcome to Chicken Invaders

  3. Keanu Juico

    Keanu JuicoPred 2 dnevi

    Ahhh i wanna GROOVE

  4. TheRhythmMan

    TheRhythmManPred 3 dnevi

    finally! music to run down mid as disco nunu!

  5. lmagine

    lmaginePred 6 dnevi

    I was trying to quit and then...

  6. 공기계 · 조회수 1.3천 · 1일전

    공기계 · 조회수 1.3천 · 1일전Pred 7 dnevi

    와우 신챔이 나왔습니다 그웬 정글입니다

  7. 이준호

    이준호Pred 8 dnevi

    Gwen! E-chap, E-chap! chap!

  8. Image of an apple

    Image of an applePred 10 dnevi

    Bow down to the rightful rulers of the universe cats

  9. updm lucky

    updm luckyPred 11 dnevi

    0:32 (팍플레이)

  10. H S

    H SPred 12 dnevi

    Man.... This will be my daily soundtrack IRL now for a couple of days. So much swaggy grooves....its gonna be awesome XD

  11. 주식빵[joosikpang]

    주식빵[joosikpang]Pred 12 dnevi


  12. LiziLLusioN

    LiziLLusioNPred 12 dnevi

    Random Nintendo writer/artist, if you are out there, please be inspired by this and convince your coworkers to make an Odyssey-level open world revival of Super Mario Galaxy! Like, imagine the Comet Observatory if your awesome artists went above and beyond with it, and there are bunch of dope themed hub-worlds that you land on and have to uncover an ungodly amount of secrets and fight more badass and goofy bosses! (Your bosses never fail to impress after all!)

  13. CrisdeBug

    CrisdeBugPred 12 dnevi

    For some reason it reminded me of some of the map themes from Pokémon Black and White specifically

  14. Carlos Tembrevilla

    Carlos TembrevillaPred 15 dnevi

    Nasus: I'm some sort of a God Also Nasus: Doggo in Space

  15. 이니

    이니Pred 15 dnevi

    와우 신챔이 나왔습니다~ 그웬 정글입니다~ E찹 E찹찹 E찹찹찹찹찹~ 풀캠을 돌았더니 3분23초 증말 쓰뤠기 같은 속도 그래도 피가 많이 남긴 개뿔 이거 물약 2개 다 빤 상태 입니다!! 쓰뤠기!

  16. The watcher

    The watcherPred 15 dnevi

    Bts biottt

  17. Evenoa Arenim

    Evenoa ArenimPred 16 dnevi

    0:38 그웬!

  18. cool0

    cool0Pred 16 dnevi


  19. Some guy Who had done nothing better with his life

    Some guy Who had done nothing better with his lifePred 17 dnevi

    This is legit daft punk style

  20. 12 16

    12 16Pred 17 dnevi

    my favorite bgm

  21. robloxpengi

    robloxpengiPred 17 dnevi

    Nice song but we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty Edit" no but seriously the baseline slaps harder than a Latino mom hits her kids

  22. 해산물

    해산물Pred 18 dnevi

    ? : E찹 E찹 E찹찹 E 찹찹찹찹찹찹찹찹

  23. 덕성

    덕성Pred 20 dnevi

    e 챱챱 e 챱~

  24. Gonçalo Estrelado

    Gonçalo EstreladoPred 20 dnevi

    this sounds like a mix between Guardians' Inferno from Gotg and Star trek theme

  25. VyZen -TV

    VyZen -TVPred 21 dnevom


  26. 비둘기

    비둘기Pred 21 dnevom

    신챔이 나왔습니다~ 그웬 정글입니다~!

  27. Grenix

    GrenixPred 22 dnevi

    "Hey there space-cats! Coming at you LIVE from Spaceport 9! Tonight, I'm investigating reports that aliens have invaded, and are forcing people to dance!"

  28. Sang

    SangPred 23 dnevi

    This song slap so hard

  29. Janus

    JanusPred 24 dnevi

    its like news music but reslly good

  30. 산세뵈리야

    산세뵈리야Pred 25 dnevi

    팍플레이에 이끌려서 왔다능

  31. 꼬마제동

    꼬마제동Pred 26 dnevi

    E촵 E촵촵 E촵 E촵촵 이 생각나는 음악

  32. Allaexia

    AllaexiaPred 28 dnevi

    this aged like milk :v

  33. David Knapčok

    David KnapčokPred 29 dnevi

    Why does this remind me of Wildstar and makes me sad?

  34. Adrian Jay

    Adrian JayPred mesecem

    Is this on Spotify or Apple Music?

  35. Adrian Jay

    Adrian JayPred mesecem

    Omg it is. 🥺

  36. Abel Lavieri

    Abel LavieriPred mesecem

    Riot music team: 10/10. Supreme. Riot balance team: 1/10 Riot develop/design team: 2/10 maybe 3/10

  37. ElJorro

    ElJorroPred mesecem

    Reminds me of Ratchet and Clank

  38. 이천상

    이천상Pred mesecem

    e 찹 e 촵촵~

  39. 굳밥

    굳밥Pred mesecem

  40. Gavrilo Radosavljević

    Gavrilo RadosavljevićPred mesecem

    Why does this have so little views compared to most other music themes? This is a BOP

  41. SrwofBest

    SrwofBestPred mesecem

    Please go here once and listen and watch the video. It's the best combination with Gwen.

  42. SrwofBest

    SrwofBestPred mesecem

    0:00 , 2:02

  43. Jay Lee

    Jay LeePred mesecem

    0:39 Wow 신챔이 나왔습니다. 그웬 정글입니다

  44. Not Pendzel

    Not PendzelPred mesecem

    Why i have to choose between dogs and cats when i love both 😩

  45. Mariano Kozz White

    Mariano Kozz WhitePred mesecem

    best song for dancing

  46. Mo Bé

    Mo BéPred mesecem

    I hear this song at 12:00pm and.....I can't Sleep....may be some thing....

  47. 이동혁

    이동혁Pred mesecem

    gwen~ e chop e chop e chop chop

  48. 지니

    지니Pred mesecem

    0:30 2:19

  49. Fougère

    FougèrePred mesecem

    Why does 0:32 sounds like Grandia 1 Theme????

  50. Sal J.

    Sal J.Pred mesecem

    This is House music, correct? Sounds very similar to Breakbot

  51. 매튜야

    매튜야Pred mesecem

    0:38 그웬! 1:09 쓰레기!

  52. J.W.

    J.W.Pred mesecem

    are there any other songs like this? disco with a bit of funk and violins.

  53. OO OO

    OO OOPred mesecem

    팍플레이 보고 온사람

  54. Camilla Rodezno

    Camilla RodeznoPred mesecem


  55. 박윤서

    박윤서Pred mesecem

    팍플레이 그웬보고 온 자들은 조용히 눌러라..

  56. 김준서

    김준서Pred mesecem

    0:39 그웬! 없으니까 개허전하네

  57. Meowzinger

    MeowzingerPred mesecem

    Why does this sound like a pokemon soundtrack, or at least somewhat similar notes

  58. 이건희

    이건희Pred mesecem

    0:37 그웬!

  59. Chantal Dixon

    Chantal DixonPred mesecem

    Sound like john Williams Star Wars on groovy

  60. N Polarity

    N PolarityPred mesecem

    Are they going to come again?

  61. J.W.

    J.W.Pred mesecem

    i don't know why but this reminds me of sakaar from Thor

  62. Stringbean 371

    Stringbean 371Pred mesecem

    this sounds like the Guardians of the Galaxy "Guardians Inferno" music

  63. Klaus Goldfisch

    Klaus GoldfischPred mesecem

    Riot - a Music-Company with many artists, doing some Online-Promo-Games, to sell their records.


    QUANG ANH LEPred mesecem

    this is clearly reminiscent of these two tracks: "the chain" and "guardian inferno" . go listen to it 😬

  65. Conzoomer

    ConzoomerPred mesecem

    Still dont get wtf the plot is about

  66. Carolina Laurindo

    Carolina LaurindoPred mesecem

    First thing that comes to mind is Daft Punk.

  67. Merlyn

    MerlynPred mesecem

    This is the soundtrack to which I wrote my final paper, bless you Riot Music Team

  68. Jeremy

    JeremyPred mesecem


  69. Víctor Diez

    Víctor DiezPred mesecem

    Could be a Pokemon soundtrack

  70. Toad Master

    Toad MasterPred mesecem

    The groove flows through me. Thank you groove

  71. SnowflakeMelter

    SnowflakeMelterPred mesecem

    Sounds like a pokemon gym music

  72. wkkejdjjw 2772

    wkkejdjjw 2772Pred mesecem

    2:16 gives me ear gasims

  73. 은진

    은진Pred mesecem

    음악 너무 좋음 ㅎㅎ 냥이들이 뿡짝거리는 느낌

  74. ChronoRebel_GreatGryffon

    ChronoRebel_GreatGryffonPred mesecem

    It sounds like the opening theme of saturday morning cartoon about groovy space super agents.

  75. Ghinannafsi Aqila

    Ghinannafsi AqilaPred mesecem

    Mirip pokemon

  76. RikUo

    RikUoPred mesecem

    Classic 70's anime soundtrack so epic

  77. Konkyt

    KonkytPred mesecem

    this has the same exact vibes as that star wars disco LP and i really think it's on purpose

  78. Ghinannafsi Aqila

    Ghinannafsi AqilaPred mesecem

    Pokemon copyright

  79. * Frostbite *

    * Frostbite *Pred mesecem


  80. Zagi Productions

    Zagi ProductionsPred mesecem


  81. TinoxC

    TinoxCPred mesecem

    u good?

  82. Random_guy

    Random_guyPred mesecem


  83. Brezeriken

    BrezerikenPred mesecem


  84. Daily Vids

    Daily VidsPred mesecem

    The vibes i need

  85. 이신우

    이신우Pred mesecem

    It's like music from an animated music video from the 70s and 80s.

  86. DFUNK 1987

    DFUNK 1987Pred mesecem

    3:40-3:42 i love that battery

  87. Federico De Siato

    Federico De SiatoPred 2 meseci

    1:23 best part in my opinion

  88. Parido Ru

    Parido RuPred 2 meseci

    I gonna miss this event... So much good stuff

  89. Gunnar Aarrestad

    Gunnar AarrestadPred 2 meseci

    PokeLeague theme

  90. river spirit

    river spiritPred 2 meseci


  91. Mozart Di Auditore

    Mozart Di AuditorePred 2 meseci

    Can we have actual animated log-in screens as we used to?!

  92. Zuriel Kyle Napuli

    Zuriel Kyle NapuliPred 2 meseci

    mm yes a song inspired by sailor moon and guardians of the galaxy 2 at the same time interesting

  93. Andy Coroa

    Andy CoroaPred 2 meseci

    I am low-key disappointed they didn't include the sketches and character designs on this one. I always like to see the process. Still, great music, and amazing splash arts.

  94. Dominik Dzieciol

    Dominik DzieciolPred 2 meseci

    Go to 0:40. Sounds kina like thunderbirds for some reason.

  95. Irenie Angelo Atenta

    Irenie Angelo AtentaPred 2 meseci

    I'm still crying everytime listening to this.

  96. Larson Davidson

    Larson DavidsonPred 2 meseci

    Reminds me a bit of Starfox Assault’s soundtrack.

  97. Alfonso Del Cid

    Alfonso Del CidPred 2 meseci

    Listening to this brings me back to 2010 when I used to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 on my Wii... Such nostalgia :)

  98. Perseus

    PerseusPred 2 meseci

    Is this music copyrighted?

  99. TinoxC

    TinoxCPred mesecem

    you can try. If you get copyright strike then yes.

  100. Ariel Carrion

    Ariel CarrionPred 2 meseci

    I don’t believe so

  101. Brezeriken

    BrezerikenPred 2 meseci


  102. Pan Carlos

    Pan CarlosPred 2 meseci

    to je jizda jak po dobrý čárce na stole

  103. Ismail Targaryen

    Ismail TargaryenPred 2 meseci

    nasus is all others are subexistant

  104. Eddie

    EddiePred 2 meseci

    Wildrift need this opening soundtrack

  105. Israel Mayen

    Israel MayenPred 2 meseci

    Ah, i see what you did there! Meco would be proud to hear this, it takes so much cool stuff from the galactic funk

  106. BluePhoenix46

    BluePhoenix46Pred 2 meseci

    imagine if event game modes were a thing. it would be SO good

  107. Ambition

    AmbitionPred 2 meseci

    sounds like a groovy pokemon game music

  108. iTzRicardo7u7

    iTzRicardo7u7Pred 2 meseci

    Sounds like Pokemon Go

  109. musicat

    musicatPred 2 meseci

    This is like a cross between super mario galaxy and pokemon.

  110. { QuantumBlauthor }

    { QuantumBlauthor }Pred 2 meseci

    Sounds so much like Gooseworx it's not even funny