Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun | Champion Theme - League of Legends

Listen to the official theme for Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun.

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Deezer: found.ee/mundo-deezer
Cellos by: David Low, Tim Loo, and Cameron Stone
Bass by: Eric Shetzen
Music By: Robert Allaire
Executive Producer and Music Supervision by: Riot Music Team

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  1. Donald J . Trump

    Donald J . TrumpPred 3 urami

    2:17 Ryze remake accidentaly revealled ...


    BLACK BUNNYPred dnevom


  3. street wolves

    street wolvesPred dnevom

    you can make a horror movie out of this character and it wouldn't look out of place.

  4. Sami Franco

    Sami FrancoPred dnevom

    i truly miss Logging screens please riot give them back XD

  5. LanokirX

    LanokirXPred dnevom

    I like this! He went from being just goofy to actually look terrifying and scary.

  6. D Harris

    D HarrisPred 2 dnevi

    is this tyler1

  7. Aksanti Tshimang

    Aksanti TshimangPred 2 dnevi

    Mundo's story is a tragedy

  8. Loc

    LocPred 2 dnevi

    0:41 Mundo phóng lợn ?

  9. Quân DB

    Quân DBPred 2 dnevi

    0:42 CREEPER!

  10. Neco

    NecoPred 2 dnevi

    2:57 okay, the theme is pretty creepy, but that axe just vibing across the screen kinda killed me


    EMERSON ATENCIAPred 3 dnevi

    El único en español xd

  12. Sauen

    SauenPred 3 dnevi


  13. Fadoxmeister

    FadoxmeisterPred 3 dnevi

    "Precision, is what makes the difference, between a butcher, and a surgeon." -Camille

  14. Ameng Maling Sendal

    Ameng Maling SendalPred 4 dnevi

    He look handsome

  15. vinke so

    vinke soPred 4 dnevi

    00:43 ZA HANDOOO

  16. Aatrox The Accursed

    Aatrox The AccursedPred 4 dnevi

    its basically a theme for the POV of the guy running away from mundo in his asylum 0:00 till 0:50 you are walking around the asylum to find the exist 0:50 till 1:30 you are realisiing ur not alone and there is this huge purple thing walking around 1:30 till 2:30 he saw you but you managed to run away and are trying to hide around the building and he is searching for you everywhere and getting closer and closer to your place 2:30 till 3:14 he found you and you run away as fast as you can meanwhile he is chasing you you see the "exist" sign and are relieved but he is very close and about to catch up you around the corner and there is the EXIST you almost did it .... now the ending is open ... the question is did you make it out? or did he catch you right before?

  17. yunus baydar

    yunus baydarPred 5 dnevi

    Artık Nasusu da reworkleyin

  18. yunus baydar

    yunus baydarPred 4 dnevi

    @Can Caliskan q su 9 lvlde mana istemese yada oynanış mekaniği değişsin isterdim

  19. yunus baydar

    yunus baydarPred 4 dnevi

    @Can Caliskan Dostum yeni gelen bir çok heronun pasifinin bile pasifi var ve eski herolarının pasifleri yetenekleri konulmak için konulmuş mesela e yada pasifi hatta mana değerleri bile olur mesela mana değeri 0 olsa ne biliyim her 100 stackda zırh buyu drenci gelse yada mana yenilenmesi olsun isterdim

  20. yunus baydar

    yunus baydarPred 4 dnevi

    @Can Caliskan Dostum ana hesabımda 500 yan hesaplarımda 300 ve 200 k nasusum var

  21. Can Caliskan

    Can CaliskanPred 4 dnevi

    @yunus baydar evet ama sana hic nasus q ile 709 vurmamıştır ama bazi seylere buff gelmesi gerekiyor rework değil

  22. yunus baydar

    yunus baydarPred 4 dnevi

    @Can Caliskan pasifi eski ve basit(CAN çalma) ,R si eski ve kötü sadece stat veriyor, yeni sezon ile birlikte mana sorunu aşırı belli ettiriyor tanklık konusunda oyunda çok fazla hasar var , nasusun güçlenmesi ve işe yaraması çok uzun sürede gerçekleşiyor ama oyunlar uzun sürmüyor (umarım açıklayıcı olmuşumdur)

  23. Ömer Kaya

    Ömer KayaPred 5 dnevi

    2:51 what's that thing on the right ?

  24. Technicist

    TechnicistPred 5 dnevi

    everyone is talking about the hand mundo at 0:43 but not the amazing creepy sound effect that plays at 0:43

  25. Gwyneth Cliff

    Gwyneth CliffPred 5 dnevi

    Fun fact: Mundo means "world" in Filipino.

  26. Nur Hakim

    Nur HakimPred 5 dnevi

    He look more human like now

  27. Frostery

    FrosteryPred 6 dnevi

    Sad Dr Hando didn't make it

  28. Frostery

    FrosteryPred 6 dnevi

    Loved it! Tho I haven't watch it with sounds

  29. Ofxzh Urhsvi

    Ofxzh UrhsviPred 6 dnevi

    Plague doctor mundo

  30. Geek Ssbu

    Geek SsbuPred 6 dnevi

    Please nerf mundo

  31. Random

    RandomPred 6 dnevi

    mundo Crosfit

  32. casper5314

    casper5314Pred 6 dnevi

    The music must be inspired by composer: Alfred Schittke. Check him on youtube if you like this genre.

  33. Deep & soft

    Deep & softPred 5 dnevi


  34. Norbert Ward

    Norbert WardPred 6 dnevi

    I had predicted this a few months back...

  35. Noma

    NomaPred 6 dnevi

    Riot give me new darkin pls

  36. yung tobi トビ

    yung tobi トビPred 6 dnevi

    now im playing lol withound sound

  37. Ryi Newman

    Ryi NewmanPred 6 dnevi

    This music theme is DOPE AF. GJ Riot

  38. Μάριος

    ΜάριοςPred 6 dnevi

    New dr mundo? Add this in wild rift

  39. Zukigi Nagato

    Zukigi NagatoPred 6 dnevi

    Hmmm... the music seems off when i think about the goofy Mundo... I know lore wise has its reasons and there's nothing funny about him on a rl perspective, but... he's too goofy on game...

  40. Bloody Gordon

    Bloody GordonPred 6 dnevi

    Now mundo is more of a daddy he is like.....grandpa

  41. Alexis

    AlexisPred 7 dnevi

    He looks like a character from GORILLAZ

  42. T Thrasher

    T ThrasherPred 7 dnevi

    2:37 B! And the very first one!

  43. Carnage 068

    Carnage 068Pred 7 dnevi

    Thank you guys for not removing Mundo.

  44. Taco D Cecina

    Taco D CecinaPred 7 dnevi

    long live the nurse raccoon

  45. GENOCIDE2099

    GENOCIDE2099Pred 7 dnevi

    hand mundo is freaky. i hope it becomes a champion.

  46. Stary Starej

    Stary StarejPred 7 dnevi

    similar music like in dishonored games

  47. Benyi El alquimista

    Benyi El alquimistaPred 7 dnevi

    sois un fraude! solo pensais en el dinero y no arreglais los grandes errores del juego, ni balanceais bien a los jugadores, ni castigais a los toxicos ni nada! fraude!!

  48. a Stealthy guy

    a Stealthy guyPred 7 dnevi


  49. Richard Yok

    Richard YokPred 7 dnevi

    0:42 Za Hando!!!

  50. Somoyan

    SomoyanPred 7 dnevi

    I love it nice atmosphere

  51. Digling

    DiglingPred 7 dnevi

    Is this a new member of Gorillaz?

  52. PhaseRunner

    PhaseRunnerPred 7 dnevi

    0:42 creeper mundo lmao

  53. Jeffy Yu

    Jeffy YuPred 7 dnevi

    giving me 12 monkeys vibe

  54. ChickenNugget-Chan

    ChickenNugget-ChanPred 7 dnevi

    sound like it would be in COD zombies, i love it

  55. Centeno Markyy

    Centeno MarkyyPred 7 dnevi

    Fiddlesticks: ohh yess this is what I've been waiting for

  56. Spook Skellington

    Spook SkellingtonPred 7 dnevi

    This plays in my head whenever Riot announces a new champ with broken horrible mechanics




  58. akaGoodBoy

    akaGoodBoyPred 7 dnevi

    The one fuzzy slipper, and rabid nurse raccoon. Couldn't have asked for a better outro.

  59. Alex S

    Alex SPred 8 dnevi

    My man's got that s h a r p jawline.

  60. Bodnamax

    BodnamaxPred 8 dnevi

    Mundovers looks like Gene from alladin

  61. Daniel Drabik

    Daniel DrabikPred 8 dnevi

    It reminds me too much of the Joker. The music from Bathroom Scene is just between the notes

  62. Avegti Ozell

    Avegti OzellPred 8 dnevi

    It's just endgame professor hulk with extra steps

  63. ImOffended

    ImOffendedPred 8 dnevi

    "Wow, there must be some insane other designs for him" **HAND**

  64. olaf oynamak

    olaf oynamakPred 8 dnevi

    1:36 we want the black cat

  65. Berneken

    BernekenPred 8 dnevi

    We need a gym skinline with other champs like darius and garen in the background 2:22 xd

  66. Dylan Warren

    Dylan WarrenPred 8 dnevi

    I like to think that Dr. Mundo looked like each and every one of these designs at different points in his life during experimentation.

  67. Conforzo

    Conforzo Pred 8 dnevi

    This is like creating a library of leitmotifs for all characters. If Riot was really daring they would commission a symphony or opera with all these themes being used.

  68. Somethingelse

    SomethingelsePred 8 dnevi

    loving it

  69. ViolettSchafLP

    ViolettSchafLPPred 8 dnevi

    Yeeessss, they added this theme to the home screen, feels a bit like old login screens ;_;

  70. jesus morales

    jesus moralesPred 8 dnevi

    Mundo in game: 🤡🤙 Mundo Lore: 😭👹💀

  71. Matz

    MatzPred 8 dnevi

    Tantos buenos diseños para que escogieran uno totalmente plano, igual se mantuvo la esencia del champ así que nada mal rito

  72. Alejandro Lagos

    Alejandro LagosPred 8 dnevi

    The new theme of Dr Mundo scare me something in the night...

  73. No Name impotant live

    No Name impotant livePred 8 dnevi

    if Riot ever make a Outlast horror ish game mundo would be a perfet fit or Urgot

  74. Totally Toaster

    Totally ToasterPred 8 dnevi

    Dr. Mundo The Chadman of Zaun

  75. valentin uriel tovar zavala

    valentin uriel tovar zavalaPred 8 dnevi

    Hubiera querido ver mas del dr.mundo mano xd

  76. Golden

    GoldenPred 8 dnevi

    It is a little bit of a shame how the design we got was a little bit... blander than it could've been? It's not bad by any means, but just seeing all this wonderful concept art makes me a little sad.

  77. Zizeq

    ZizeqPred 8 dnevi

    ok but like if there was a hand champion...

  78. Red Dot

    Red DotPred 8 dnevi

    what compels your moronic developping team to make champs so ridiculously obnoxious to play against...it seems avery ne champ is a busted version of a previous one...thank god this game is on the decline....

  79. Zagi Productions

    Zagi ProductionsPred 2 dnevi

    Explain Gwen, one of the most counterable champs in the game

  80. Red Dot

    Red DotPred 3 dnevi

    @Krust Bruh silence videogame simp

  81. Krust Bruh

    Krust BruhPred 4 dnevi

    Game getting new players in NA, EU is booming China and Korea are still big Wildrift is big in SEA Game still sets Viewership records still gets Consistent updates still one if not the biggest Esport for the past 5 years yeah totally declining



    Que trilha sonora absurda de boa!!!

  83. Haiko

    HaikoPred 8 dnevi

    Je vous en supplie Riot laissez nous choisir l'audio des perso LoL dans la lanque qu'on veut x'(

  84. Just Monty

    Just MontyPred 8 dnevi

    Who the raccoon?

  85. Afro Universe

    Afro UniversePred 8 dnevi

    I like his new design and lore but also I hate how they tried to make his face a little prettier. Like, this dude was experimented on and driven to insanity, I get that he's supposed to be a funny guy and that if he's TOO scary it ruins the point, but.. Some of the heads he had in the concept designs were really good, really hate how they scrapped them because they think the fanbase can't handle a character with a non-appealing face

  86. XXxxsupershooterxxX

    XXxxsupershooterxxXPred 8 dnevi

    La mano ere el camino correcto .perdieron el rumbo

  87. Aureen Briscia Matta

    Aureen Briscia MattaPred 8 dnevi

    Dr. Mundo's GLOW UP this quarantine

  88. Alejandro Navas

    Alejandro NavasPred 8 dnevi

    i feel like almost every sketch looks way cooler than the actual dr mundo

  89. Tuskor

    TuskorPred 8 dnevi

    1:08 bro was that a kazoo? I love this

  90. Zoubeir Miled

    Zoubeir MiledPred 8 dnevi

    i'm dissapointed that the face didn't move at 2:35

  91. SaropWT

    SaropWTPred 9 dnevi


  92. 고구마감자

    고구마감자Pred 9 dnevi

    일러 고퀄로 한건 솔직히 뇌절

  93. Symon Carl Makiling

    Symon Carl MakilingPred 9 dnevi

    Riot is making Jungle more like a horror survival with Fiddle and Mundo

  94. Gabor Bako

    Gabor BakoPred 9 dnevi

    I like to think of Mundo as the guy who isn't always homicidal, but hets triggered when he hears the word 'doctor'.

  95. BRAWL PH

    BRAWL PHPred 9 dnevi

    0:45 G... WTF!

  96. Techno_nightmare

    Techno_nightmarePred 9 dnevi

    And I though Warwick was scary

  97. Black _Hood

    Black _HoodPred 9 dnevi

    the thing that drastically changes is his teeth

  98. Mundonger

    MundongerPred 9 dnevi

    no joke after seeing how some concepts looked like, i am very happy how he turned out originally.

  99. KIBO

    KIBOPred 9 dnevi

    When you hire the composer of the *Jaws* theme make Mundo's theme:

  100. Guz

    GuzPred 9 dnevi

    I think mundo rework for suit him in arcane Netflix

  101. happy

    happyPred 9 dnevi

    The theme and his character remind me a lot of Identity V

  102. goodguy buy

    goodguy buyPred 9 dnevi

    What an awe-full piece

  103. Chikin Shrimp

    Chikin ShrimpPred 9 dnevi

    mundo theme is quite scary but his voice line is funny .....

  104. Teilon

    TeilonPred 9 dnevi

    Novo Doutor Mundo é o filho do Bluezão...

  105. Kaio Reis

    Kaio ReisPred 9 dnevi

    1:01 :O

  106. CatFish-Colours

    CatFish-ColoursPred 9 dnevi

    Riot trying to make us all monster f-ers and it’s working I-

  107. Tribor3

    Tribor3Pred 9 dnevi


  108. Николай Гук

    Николай ГукPred 9 dnevi


  109. Éden Sousa

    Éden SousaPred 9 dnevi

    Essa música me deu calafrios mds aaa