Starts Right Here (ft. Kenny Mason & Foreign Air) | MSI 2021 - League of Legends

11 regional champions are heading to Iceland from May 6-23 (PT) for MSI 2021. Don’t blink as these icons of LoL Esports go head to head. And turn this track up to 11 for all the right vibes.

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"Starts Right Here"
Featured artists: Kenny Mason and Foreign Air
Written by: Kenny Mason, Riot Music Team, and Alex Seaver of Mako
Produced by: Riot Music Team
Additional Production by: Dan Farber
Mixed and Mastered by: Eric J
Vocals performed by: Kenny Mason and Foreign Air
P/C Riot Games 2021
Kenny Mason SLthrow:
Foreign Air SLthrow: slthrow.info_air

how you wanna play it?
how you gone play it
when you ain’t seen nothin this player
me and my squad gone turn ‘em to squash
like we don’t see no other players
ain't nothin to squash and nothin to solve you play then already dead
i’m ready to mob i’m ready mosh
aint moving with nobody scared
keep pushin' my buttons
i might push a button and have my boy push up and slay ya
made a decision to enter the lair you better enter prepared
i seen it vividly
my vision of victory
i kill them and split the scene
click with me and you’ll never feel defeat
learn how to heal from heat
I showed up to show out
until the show end
bet they wanna know how
i made it a no win
it’s gone be a blow out
once i get to blowin’
i do more than blow wind
show me my opponent
It Starts Right Here
(Push up and step on enemies)
And it's a long road up ahead
Better get your steps in now
It Starts Right Here
(Ain't no regrets it’s him or me)
And if you wanna be a god, it's a long way up
i’m too hype to turn down a fight
knock them out good night
i brought light when it was no sight
now no foe in sight
i got stripes
down to take a life won’t take it in stride
aint no might, ifs, or maybes
i displayed my might
(yea) i come to wreck up the game
(yea) it’s fun but it aint no game
(yea) i son em all in a minute i mauled em and bit em up like he was steak
I showed up to show out
until the show end
bet they wanna know how
i made it a no win
it’s gone be a blow out
once i get to blowin’
i do more than blow wind
show me my opponent
It Starts Right Here
(Push up and step on enemies)
And it's a long road up ahead
Better get your steps in now
It Starts Right Here
(Ain't no regrets it’s him or me)
And if you wanna be a god, it's a long way up
push up and step on enemies
i came to conquer all the energy
aint no regrets it’s him or me
blast them away, away
once we engage in combat it ain't really no comeback from that
the squad the angelic slum rats
came for the cash where the funds at
came with the swag of a war pack
you see the sword, it’s my award
i tried to warn you and your pack
so if I slaughter you it’s your bad
It Starts Right Here
(Push up and step on enemies)
And it's a long road up ahead
Better get your steps in now
It Starts Right Here
(Step on an enemy, step step)
And if you wanna be a god, it's a long way up

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    Pelo amor né, que música Foda, não cando de ouvir

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  7. G4laxy

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    ok, 1 Month Later and i see this, now i want a True Damage new Album

  8. Wolf Craft

    Wolf CraftPred 6 dnevi

    Idk about this one…it’s ok but…I think this is the first song by Riot, that I don’t like 😐 Except for the “it starts right here” part 😅

  9. Thị Hồng Ngọc Bùi

    Thị Hồng Ngọc BùiPred 6 dnevi

    Riot entertainment in your areas. Music is so great!!!!

  10. gabriel MD

    gabriel MDPred 7 dnevi

    kenny orgulho

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    말 안하는 부분이 젤 좋다

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    Absolute dogshit lyrics.

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    i love the 3d cinematic spicialy (warriors) more than this stayl who else agree with me

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    1:13 am I the only who thinks I've heard this flow before

  27. El Neno

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    Hola a alguien mas le salio el icono de ✂ CLIP ? yo nunca había visto este botón en ningún otro video.

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    Dios no juego Lol pero esta canción es hermosa Psdt:agradecido con Spotify por recomendarme

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    “It’s sus right here” - MASON, Kenny - 2021

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    Jax Entrance SICK !!!!

  41. Lavier Bismilah

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    "And if you wanna be a god it's a long way up." ----2018 UZI, 2021 GALA

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    Beat is fire the rap not so much

  63. Joel

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