Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress | Champion Theme - League of Legends

Listen to the official theme for Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress.

Violin by: Mark Robertson
Violin by: Alyssa Park
Viola by: Luke Maurer
Cello by: Cameron Stone
Solo Vocals by: Kelci Hahn
Music By: Riot Music Team

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  1. Ludens Echo

    Ludens EchoPred dnevom

    I think there is something more on the story between Isolde and the ruined King. Since we are only introduced to the side of the story of the ruined king. Since stories might vary. There is something about why isolde spirit is in fragments and why they are hiding and also why gwen have a bad temperament towards the ruined king as when isolde is still alive, gwen is just a doll and might be the only witness, a silent witness to what truly happened the day Isolde dies.

  2. mochii mango

    mochii mangoPred 6 dnevi

    don’t get me wrong she’s rlly cute but like this is just another cutesy girl concept that’s popular with asian audiences... which isn’t necessarily bad but like it’s not creative. i feel like they should’ve just made her a doll instead of a humanized doll.

  3. _cx218_

    _cx218_Pred 6 dnevi

    i can’t describe what feeling this theme gives me, it’s so vibrant and complex

  4. Depressed Lesbian with a big sword

    Depressed Lesbian with a big swordPred 7 dnevi

    I love listening to music like this or Sera’s theme while on the brink of letting out tears

  5. Magic Lasa

    Magic LasaPred 7 dnevi

    isnt she look like a Rozen Maiden? xD

  6. CaptainPig

    CaptainPigPred 8 dnevi

    This is so reminiscent of WoW music

  7. Phantom Volan

    Phantom VolanPred 9 dnevi

    Rule 34:

  8. Phoenix

    PhoenixPred 11 dnevi

    man that weapon is definitely a Kingdom Hearts keyblade

  9. Nazir

    NazirPred 11 dnevi

    Next what? Someone using Umbrella?

  10. PomPom

    PomPomPred 6 dnevi

    I mean bring it on tbh

  11. Rey Polo

    Rey PoloPred 12 dnevi

    Sheele being resurrected from dog bite.

  12. Terrible Warden

    Terrible WardenPred 12 dnevi

    1:11 POV: You tried to hit Gwen while outside her zone.

  13. Cristo De Monte

    Cristo De MontePred 13 dnevi

    i would like to see, with the game of cart, the new RPG that will be out and the actual Moba, if one day a MMORPG could be out about the univers of league.

  14. Craylobster

    CraylobsterPred 14 dnevi

    What genre is this?

  15. PomPom

    PomPomPred 6 dnevi

    classical music

  16. oliver santana bonifacio

    oliver santana bonifacioPred 14 dnevi

    Bro riot stop please I know that china give you a lot of money but I don’t want an Gershin impact in the game

  17. Singing Nuke

    Singing NukePred 3 dnevi

    @Enes maybe you should just acknowledge the fact that you’re not the only target audience

  18. Enes

    EnesPred 3 dnevi

    @Krust Bruh i missed season 7 so much... no cringe disney champions no seraphine... league is so boring now.... i quitted it for 3 weeks

  19. Krust Bruh

    Krust BruhPred 4 dnevi

    @Enes going downhill meanwhile NA is getting a lo new players for the first time in 2 years European League is booming Korea Korea and china League are still big SEA got wildrift League still makes record viwers every year yeah downhill

  20. Enes

    EnesPred 8 dnevi

    @Lờ Vờ Cờ league is going to downhill until season 10

  21. Lờ Vờ Cờ

    Lờ Vờ CờPred 8 dnevi

    @Enes u quitted and this game -1 dogbrain, tks 4 that

  22. FirsEncounterAssault

    FirsEncounterAssaultPred 14 dnevi

    This looks like if it were from "NieR: Automata"

  23. Chresola Atsuno

    Chresola AtsunoPred 15 dnevi

    The beginning sounds midi

  24. 觀察者joker

    觀察者jokerPred 15 dnevi


  25. Itz Latina Girl

    Itz Latina GirlPred 15 dnevi

    Fun fact: My name is Gwen 🙂👍

  26. Rammus Bot

    Rammus BotPred 16 dnevi

    my new main boyyy :)

  27. 이응수

    이응수Pred 17 dnevi

    Oh hey, a discount Rosen Maiden character. Kinda.

  28. TaskMasta

    TaskMastaPred 17 dnevi

    Hard Bleach vibes form this theme

  29. Freddy

    FreddyPred 18 dnevi

    Ya quiero que salga para Wild Rif:(

  30. Richard Vavruša

    Richard VavrušaPred 18 dnevi

    these themes should be playing in the client when you're picking the champion

  31. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Pred 19 dnevi

    Cool login screen. Oh.

  32. Levi Gledhill

    Levi GledhillPred 20 dnevi

    A community favorite

  33. Deadly Apple

    Deadly ApplePred 20 dnevi

    someone make a ranking legends based on their champion themes

  34. M'Lady Noir

    M'Lady NoirPred 21 dnevom

    1:07 *Annabelle inspiration*

  35. Dear Nene

    Dear NenePred 21 dnevom

    P indo sendiri

  36. Giannis727 Pro

    Giannis727 ProPred 21 dnevom


  37. Hazel Disks

    Hazel DisksPred 22 dnevi

    For a champion that has this anime aesthetic that follows up with her lore, it kinda gives me the feel Gwen has this cutesie/eerie gimmick going on to best fit her story, given what we know of the black mist we shouldn't trust her. But she has a charm that allures others to her and she wishes to know more about the black mist and show people it can be trusted. it interestingly works, you wouldn't expect a character like this really but I like her as a new addition. I've been playing Gwen lately and have really enjoyed her.

  38. The ztreygh

    The ztreyghPred 22 dnevi

    She reminds me soooo much of sheele from akame ga kill

  39. Angeena

    AngeenaPred 23 dnevi

    I hope they will add Isolde into the game one day too...

  40. DRACKU

    DRACKUPred 24 dnevi

    Her concept is great, but i feel like it would be better if she showed some of her twofold nature. Gwen was forged with Isolde's kind chunk of soul and a mist, i think there was an opportunity to create interesting conflict in which her voice would be partly distorded in some phrases and her animation sometimes became clunky and scary. Gwen just needs some horror aesthetics, because now her conflict with Viego is like "Im good, he's bad, that's all" You can even hear this idea with mist corrupting Isolde's soul in Gwen in this theme, imho But now she's just another kind girl and i basically can't tell a difference between her and Seraphine besides story and concept

  41. Piztech

    PiztechPred 24 dnevi

    Coraline: The Game

  42. HarLia

    HarLiaPred 24 dnevi


  43. Harlem

    HarlemPred 17 dnevi

    Bro she doesn't look like them

  44. skibidi bap mm dada

    skibidi bap mm dadaPred 18 dnevi

    @HarLia hm ok

  45. HarLia

    HarLiaPred 18 dnevi

    @skibidi bap mm dada gwen apperance is like guinevere and angela mash up but gwen just have scissor

  46. skibidi bap mm dada

    skibidi bap mm dadaPred 19 dnevi


  47. Grégory le corbeau

    Grégory le corbeauPred 24 dnevi

    Bring back login screen for this music

  48. Hải Trần

    Hải TrầnPred 25 dnevi

    Fix Gwen damage output, PLEASE!

  49. Not Dio

    Not DioPred 26 dnevi

    I like how her original design is more anime like instead of a human like doll right now.

  50. Nuke

    NukePred 28 dnevi

    No creo que haya sido buena idea hacer de la tigera algo tan grande, pero bueno con algo tenía que atacar.

  51. Antonio Cortés

    Antonio CortésPred 28 dnevi

    Estoy armando un muñeco de trapo y puse esta canción

  52. Coleman Brenner

    Coleman BrennerPred 29 dnevi

    Are there themes for every champion? is there going to be in the future?

  53. Coleman Brenner

    Coleman BrennerPred 27 dnevi

    @Krust Bruh ahh. I'm hoping there are themes for old champs, though that may not happen unless reworks. Nice to see these though

  54. Krust Bruh

    Krust BruhPred 28 dnevi

    Every champion from 2015 to now has a theme and some skinlines have themes aswell

  55. Reza Syahputra

    Reza SyahputraPred 28 dnevi


  56. Andika Nezzy

    Andika NezzyPred 29 dnevi


  57. Tekno Trevenant

    Tekno TrevenantPred 29 dnevi

    Fun fact I learned from another vid, if u play humming/singing part backwards it’s Viego’s theme

  58. kharus bell

    kharus bellPred 29 dnevi

    why is this so epic by the way

  59. Ndin Kun

    Ndin KunPred mesecem

    Shelee njir

  60. skyman 334

    skyman 334Pred mesecem

    Riot has once again made a song that sounds like it should be in a bloodborne or dark souls game.

  61. Jenny Wakeman

    Jenny WakemanPred mesecem

    this champ couldve been so easily ruined by being weebafied. thank god she wasnt. jesus

  62. Faraaz M

    Faraaz MPred mesecem

    I love the effort put i to creating this champ but i find her useless in aram

  63. Mariaa Sanaria Lima

    Mariaa Sanaria LimaPred mesecem


  64. Mariaa Sanaria Lima

    Mariaa Sanaria LimaPred mesecem

    Igsyvulibsovuvis soguvsyvoviihjyhsicivs obiwvo u oscu oeciguscuviavijvjs Sinônimo Poliomielite igzigustc Hsvuscgsugskkkkkkjhsvicsuf7fsu Jvshvy sucn sica kvsjsc

  65. Abraham Nicollas

    Abraham NicollasPred mesecem

    the music is just.. beautiful

  66. Muhammad Azwardi Irpan

    Muhammad Azwardi IrpanPred mesecem


  67. Gasai Yuno

    Gasai YunoPred mesecem

    make this with a live orchestra thanks

  68. Ethan Vu

    Ethan VuPred mesecem

    Is it just me, or does some parts of this song have parts from Sylas's theme?

  69. Aki Ishida

    Aki IshidaPred mesecem

    0:42 I really like E and D ngl

  70. Suzu Suzuki

    Suzu SuzukiPred mesecem

    What would you call this type of music? The ost of Assassin’s Creed Unity is quite similar. Baroque?

  71. Laurentiu david David

    Laurentiu david DavidPred mesecem

    Esti roman?

  72. Sailor Mane

    Sailor ManePred mesecem

    "Kill la Kill" - approve!

  73. joe wang

    joe wangPred mesecem

    Hope one day I can see the live 2d champion with theme in login screen

  74. Ángeles Argentos

    Ángeles ArgentosPred mesecem

    Un bufito a gwen porfa

  75. Rofbad

    RofbadPred mesecem

    nope the old art was better

  76. lince-link

    lince-linkPred mesecem

    2:33 Goosebumps

  77. Cage

    CagePred mesecem

    weird sound in 3:07-3:08 (you prob need to wear headphones and crank it up a bit to hear it)

  78. S Ben Z

    S Ben ZPred mesecem

    no se por q pero me suena a como si gwen perteneciera a la nobleza de ese tiempo :v si solo era una muñeca

  79. Noma

    NomaPred mesecem

    Gwen is good but where are the darkins? I want 2 more darkins to have full darkin team

  80. BUSH

    BUSHPred mesecem

    0:39 model F looks like it’s straight out of Genshin Impact

  81. BUSH

    BUSHPred mesecem

    Some people were initially disappointed by how anime she looked, they didn’t know that Riot was holding back 0:39

  82. Ewjiml

    EwjimlPred 4 dnevi

    I actually kind of like those designs more than the one we got.

  83. Mᴇʟᴏᴅɪᴄᴋ

    MᴇʟᴏᴅɪᴄᴋPred 4 dnevi

    @Question Mark yes

  84. Question Mark

    Question MarkPred 4 dnevi

    Stop dreaming guys or complaining there has to be a reason whys her design is like that,likeeee it fits in league perfectly and there are more reason whys the design is like that it’s just that stop complainingggggg riot is a hard working company

  85. Mᴇʟᴏᴅɪᴄᴋ

    MᴇʟᴏᴅɪᴄᴋPred 6 dnevi


  86. Emir Koç

    Emir KoçPred 8 dnevi

    @yuri e i mean yeah she could have had more doll features i guess but im honestly happy with this, completely ignoring that its done too often, this is very good

  87. PurpleConvict

    PurpleConvictPred mesecem

    She better sound afraid when lanning against Malphite

  88. NotWithoutRage

    NotWithoutRagePred mesecem

    this is probably the shitiest champ you made

  89. MBThunder

    MBThunderPred mesecem

    This theme backwards has elements of Viegos theme! Riot again manages to take their production to another level. Can‘t wait for more!

  90. Bùi Thanh Phú

    Bùi Thanh PhúPred mesecem

    She look like an anime girl :3

  91. Princelupingamer

    PrincelupingamerPred mesecem

    Can't wait for her NSFW on reddit.

  92. Enes

    EnesPred 8 dnevi


  93. 꽃길

    꽃길Pred mesecem


  94. Random User That Uploads Random Shit

    Random User That Uploads Random ShitPred mesecem

    The last standing quality team The music team

  95. Nino Valenti

    Nino ValentiPred mesecem

    Best part 2:36

  96. 사람

    사람Pred mesecem

    컨셉아트부터 ㅈ씹덕이네 아주좋아

  97. Na De Locos

    Na De LocosPred mesecem

    Porfa bajenle esta muy difícil jugar contra una sin morir 10 veces 😔

  98. Ikophi

    IkophiPred mesecem

    love the fact that both Viego and Gwen have huge weapons, also, can anyone at riot finally say what my boy Viego did wrong ?

  99. Clown Emoji

    Clown EmojiPred mesecem

    We almost had a Miku Gwen

  100. Youtube Emperor of Mankind

    Youtube Emperor of MankindPred mesecem

    I wonder how the Larynx of the person after each session of singing felt like.. I mean thats Justin Roiland Lemongrab levels of self-destruction starting 2:40

  101. Ryo Making Progress

    Ryo Making ProgressPred mesecem

    Pov: you missed skill shot and Gwen stacked her snip meter 1:13

  102. ִ

    ִPred mesecem

    Gwen should 1v1 Tibbers on Rust with Linkin Park playing in the background.

  103. TheBoiWho8Pasta 69

    TheBoiWho8Pasta 69Pred mesecem

    It's like making a Genshin character. Lol.

  104. Khalel Arata the potato

    Khalel Arata the potatoPred mesecem

    When there's a ballroom scene in an anime

  105. Irene

    IrenePred mesecem

    This is masterpiece

  106. Coala

    CoalaPred mesecem

    I would 100% buy Gwen's doll merch to my little sister

  107. Scott Adams

    Scott AdamsPred mesecem

    So is she like...Tibbers' girlfriend?

  108. Daan Amelink

    Daan AmelinkPred mesecem

    The best champion theme Riot has released in years

  109. Scwhein

    ScwheinPred mesecem

    Gwen doll when? I mean to be fair if she can also turn to humanoid like that no one will complain

  110. Malware

    MalwarePred mesecem

    Pantheon theme is still best

  111. #GunShip

    #GunShipPred mesecem

    Victorian Loli

  112. Un Bronce En League Of Legends

    Un Bronce En League Of LegendsPred mesecem

    Me encanta la canción

  113. Preußens Gloria

    Preußens GloriaPred mesecem

    Great theme wasted on a badly designed champion (gameplay-wise)

  114. Hamza Dahou

    Hamza DahouPred mesecem

    Nurf it nuuuuuuuurf iiiiiiit

  115. TheMrBadGuy101

    TheMrBadGuy101Pred mesecem

    So with all the possible designs they went with the most boring to be the most appealing of course

  116. 곽지성

    곽지성Pred mesecem


  117. Samuel Aguilera

    Samuel AguileraPred mesecem

    0:50 OMG

  118. amplitudehertz17

    amplitudehertz17Pred mesecem

    the rozen maiden influence is strong here. esp seeing the concept arts

  119. Hecarim Gaming

    Hecarim GamingPred mesecem

    New genshin impact character?

  120. Hecarim Gaming

    Hecarim GamingPred mesecem

    @Bunono Thanks mate.

  121. Bunono

    BunonoPred mesecem


  122. Azman gaming

    Azman gamingPred mesecem

    I love it