Reckoning Pass and More | Rewards Trailer - Teamfight Tactics

Discover Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning, the latest set featuring all-new Little Legends, arenas, booms, and more. Play to earn free rewards, or upgrade to unlock Pass+ exclusives.

Made in partnership with Hammer Creative.

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  1. Judester

    JudesterPred 5 dnevi

    This gives a neo pets vibe

  2. TyrielFakkom

    TyrielFakkomPred 5 dnevi

    This game-mode is as horrible as cool it looks.

  3. Mikado 95

    Mikado 95Pred 10 dnevi


  4. Zjinn

    ZjinnPred 14 dnevi

    what does tier 45-47 do?

  5. Leon Dovahkiin

    Leon DovahkiinPred 14 dnevi

    Just keep Hyper Roll please, made tft so much more fun to play every now and then.

  6. Paweł Sadecki

    Paweł SadeckiPred 25 dnevi

    Man I got baited I thought its new mode. I'm F2P so is there anything for me?

  7. Niros 705

    Niros 705Pred 26 dnevi

    song ??

  8. Stephen Richardson

    Stephen RichardsonPred 27 dnevi

    Can someone tell me the name of the music here?

  9. Duke W

    Duke WPred mesecem

    We want music ♥

  10. Dino - brawl stars

    Dino - brawl starsPred mesecem

    “choose your hero” me: what in the (bleep)

  11. Lenin Joel Aguagallo Sisa

    Lenin Joel Aguagallo SisaPred mesecem

    No puedo descargar tu juego en mi celular de cartón riot..... ashuda...!!!!!!XD.

  12. Aezerus

    AezerusPred mesecem

    New Pentakill sounds so dope

  13. GXD THXG

    GXD THXGPred mesecem

    Please make the song you used in this advertisement an actual track I can listen to without any disturbances it sound so good.

  14. Skyper

    SkyperPred mesecem

    *Minions Rocking*

  15. Nhật Nguyễn

    Nhật NguyễnPred mesecem


  16. bru numzy

    bru numzyPred mesecem

    Sorry I love tft play it daily it's a awesome game and I love the new season but this current pass is just boring. a pengu ??? I got heaps of those ........ where is the all the cool or epic stuff??? It's fine to do cute rainbow and pretty flowers but not all the time , give use something for the evil and the darkness . Isn't the theme meant to be about chaos ???

  17. SkySolsa

    SkySolsaPred mesecem

    Give me the music already god dammit

  18. Franco D.

    Franco D.Pred mesecem

    Please make something with latin america workers. They are changing the name of the minilegends to very bad ones. I want my Fenroar to have his name, they gave him a joke name! Please do something!

  19. Franco D.

    Franco D.Pred mesecem

    When you will do Urf the manati a minilegend? It is time already!

  20. Fishy_scripts

    Fishy_scriptsPred mesecem

    sick i love it

  21. Poline Chan

    Poline ChanPred mesecem

    imagine if they make the ground and the platform feel as if you are moving and not stationary. i want something like you are moving from Ionia to Demacia while you are fighting on a Zeplin or floating island.

  22. Forty 4

    Forty 4Pred mesecem

    the new tft is disgusting the champs are so stupid and messy

  23. Shaun Slays

    Shaun SlaysPred mesecem

    The mode is so bad for so many reasons. But this was enjoyable to watch

  24. Christopher Kelly

    Christopher KellyPred mesecem

    "Choose" Right...

  25. Robert Bell

    Robert BellPred mesecem

    thats cool and all, but what are the 3 spatulas at the end of the pass?

  26. Meri Grl

    Meri GrlPred mesecem

    Riot please upload the music separately i'm in love with it 😍

  27. nec22999

    nec22999Pred mesecem

    if you aint buying the pass then dont play, its a waste of time.

  28. Mr Rious

    Mr RiousPred mesecem

    ruined pengu is litterally sans

  29. Its Just Me

    Its Just MePred mesecem



    MEME LORDPred mesecem


  31. J Throne

    J ThronePred mesecem

    Fenroar gang, wya?

  32. Iza S

    Iza SPred mesecem

    I want splash party arena... But the price... Lol. No, thanks.

  33. FireSnake

    FireSnakePred mesecem

    The thing that has me most excited about this are the pentakill references

  34. Zefr4el

    Zefr4elPred mesecem

    1:11 is this an actual music from somewhere? need a new ringtone lo l

  35. doing63

    doing63Pred mesecem


  36. League of Legends Clips

    League of Legends ClipsPred mesecem

    So Cool😍

  37. PrinceLei

    PrinceLeiPred mesecem


  38. PrinceLei

    PrinceLeiPred mesecem


  39. ryu ryu

    ryu ryuPred mesecem

    make cool stuff like this for the actual game we want no, DEMAND new maps and game modes for LOL!

  40. AJ Rodney

    AJ RodneyPred mesecem

    Reckoning is so confusing! Love this tho... Make Reckoning easier ...

  41. Gabriel Farren

    Gabriel FarrenPred mesecem

    SpongeBob: wait that's my spatula!

  42. Tinashe Is Now

    Tinashe Is NowPred mesecem

    CHONCC & PENGU SUPREMACY. they're the best anyways.

  43. My

    MyPred mesecem

    When will Sans Pengu start playing Megalovania

  44. TheDeadb3ar

    TheDeadb3arPred mesecem

    Someone had fun making this haha! This is definitely one of their best trailers for anything lol

  45. Twisted Fate

    Twisted FatePred mesecem

    nice +1

  46. Daren Colby

    Daren ColbyPred mesecem

    lmfao editors had fun with this. Well done

  47. Bricky's #1 Fan

    Bricky's #1 FanPred mesecem


  48. Yotsumaru

    YotsumaruPred mesecem


  49. Hunt3r

    Hunt3rPred mesecem

    0:43 is this reference to Artorias?

  50. TFT Station

    TFT StationPred mesecem

    Watch my TFT videos

  51. SkySolsa

    SkySolsaPred mesecem

    I definetly need that music name

  52. Tenshiro

    TenshiroPred mesecem

    I want Dowsie🥺💕

  53. Mister Deer

    Mister DeerPred mesecem

    Fiddlestick 1:32

  54. Johnny Camper

    Johnny CamperPred mesecem

    0:53 wow.... Choncc sure is a chick magnet...

  55. luk kaka

    luk kakaPred mesecem

    music ? xd

  56. Frysiko Sumampouw

    Frysiko SumampouwPred mesecem

    Can't wait to play it 😍 SEA players: THIS GAME ISN'T AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY 😩

  57. privé de liberté

    privé de libertéPred mesecem

    Voleurs de moddeurs

  58. PvtLenny

    PvtLennyPred mesecem

    This set 5 is the most unbalanced ever..... Some builds are unbelievably stronger than others even when one build is done to perfection and the other is half assed with as many as 3 people all hard farming the champs meaning they have lvl 1 champs in their lineup. How could you release something this poorly tested when you actually beta tested it. Just had an assasin 6 insanely lucky rush game with viego a 1% straight away, godlike items, only 1 chain vest i didnt need, all the rest were good crit items, i lost to every of the 3 hellion builders and even spell caster squishy builds. Ive tried abomination builds with strong items for sion and yet no matter what stage of the game, it cant kill as much as 2 champions. Unbalanced af season.

  59. Dragonite trainer

    Dragonite trainerPred mesecem

    Can 1 star shisa do that Super Saiyan thihng? I have tried every possible button and nothing.

  60. Saikhanaa Ch

    Saikhanaa ChPred mesecem

    2021 dab still exists

  61. John Doo

    John DooPred mesecem

    is there any chance that TFT will come to SOUTH-SOUTHEAST ASIA...?

  62. Arthur Henrique

    Arthur HenriquePred mesecem

    this game is trash

  63. john rex dedumo

    john rex dedumoPred mesecem

    CUTE ❤️✨

  64. Adrielle Galon

    Adrielle GalonPred mesecem

    Wow Rito really made a Tft trailer as intense as a league one

  65. Alex

    AlexPred mesecem

    did he just dabbed at me? truly a being of pure evil.

  66. ㅈ같은 삼각함수

    ㅈ같은 삼각함수Pred mesecem


  67. Dark Helel

    Dark HelelPred mesecem

    Mmm....TFT may be one of the few things that probably doesnt have R-34... yet....

  68. Darmani

    DarmaniPred mesecem

    This is Mobile Legend inspired. Why you guys dont finish the fighting game better?

  69. Teemode1

    Teemode1Pred mesecem


  70. lmao lmao

    lmao lmaoPred mesecem

    Dowsie sounds like lilypichu XD

  71. Le Floofers

    Le FloofersPred mesecem

    1:42 that dab tho.


    ELECTRO BEATPred mesecem

    Day 8 of commenting under lol vids till rito releases "magma chamber" (1v1 and 2v2 mode).

  73. ImperfectionIsIn

    ImperfectionIsInPred mesecem

    Moonton:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  74. Two Flames

    Two FlamesPred mesecem


  75. Khatib Masjid

    Khatib MasjidPred mesecem

    I hope one day,tft will be available in my country.

  76. Dean LaBarbera

    Dean LaBarberaPred mesecem

    I want more music like the stuff that was playing in the background of this video. Pentakiillllllllllllllllllll

  77. Rokador ʇɥǝ qox ɥoɐɹpǝɹ

    Rokador ʇɥǝ qox ɥoɐɹpǝɹPred mesecem

    I cannot wait for VFX update of the first little legends.

  78. Hanzo Hassaszi

    Hanzo HassasziPred mesecem

    I wonder what thdse little legends look like grown up

  79. Slumber Party Bard

    Slumber Party BardPred mesecem

    fenroar is literally Zacian lol

  80. Uri Miguel Aguado Mendoza

    Uri Miguel Aguado MendozaPred mesecem

    I was looking for this comment...

  81. Umomo

    UmomoPred mesecem

    0:14 You're going to have a bard time

  82. Mausar

    MausarPred mesecem

    Unlike the 4.5 little legends, I actually wanna get these (at least 2/3, dowsie kinda trash ngl)

  83. Fellefan Foxjade

    Fellefan FoxjadePred mesecem

    gotta say, I'm *hugely disappointed* in the count spatula arena. it does not have the same level of quality as the lunar city one, not even close. the only kinda cool thing about it is that the spatula breaks its shackles when you're on a winning streak, but that's really it. it's just.. sad, to play with that arena. I bought it together with the pass so I can't refund it either

  84. Paul Negrean

    Paul NegreanPred mesecem

    Aaaay got the Pass+ and dat amazing Count Pengu's Arena ❤️ 🤘🏻 🏍️

  85. Paul Negrean

    Paul NegreanPred mesecem

    Hellions busted 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Gubbel Gubbel Gaming

    Gubbel Gubbel GamingPred mesecem

    0:40 A wild Zacian appears!

  87. Min Zhing Liw

    Min Zhing LiwPred mesecem


  88. joey

    joeyPred mesecem


  89. League of Contents

    League of ContentsPred mesecem

    I missed Fenroar in Summoner's Rift, and they decided to add him as a little legend now. I want it!

  90. Patrick Kelly

    Patrick KellyPred mesecem

    Wait... Was that sans the pengu?

  91. Lag boi

    Lag boiPred mesecem

    its like Ark extinction

  92. Ocxic Max Gaming

    Ocxic Max GamingPred mesecem

    Please😥anyone Judge My new Handcamp video | Good or Bad, Please watch until the end

  93. Ocxic Max Gaming

    Ocxic Max GamingPred mesecem

    Please😥anyone Judge My new Handcamp video | Good or Bad, Please watch until the end

  94. Ocxic Max Gaming

    Ocxic Max GamingPred mesecem

    Please😥anyone Judge My new Handcamp video | Good or Bad, Please watch until the end

  95. Happy Olga

    Happy OlgaPred mesecem

    give us the song

  96. Lou Ngoko

    Lou NgokoPred mesecem

    This reminds me we all just want the new Pentakill album very quick.

  97. CDC

    CDCPred mesecem

    Nimblefoot RAT 7 PantsGrab

  98. ZeGamerWolf

    ZeGamerWolfPred mesecem

    Us fenroar are a pack be scared

  99. Leon Coben

    Leon CobenPred mesecem

    How to make evil counterparts of the Little Legends. Just give them a Black and/or Red color scheme.

  100. วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์

    วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์Pred mesecem

    This is the Great Metal soundtrack in TFT remind me of Fighting Game soundtrack or DMC

  101. Winged Hussar

    Winged HussarPred mesecem

    looks like a game for 8 year olds lmao

  102. Marcelino Achel

    Marcelino AchelPred mesecem

    Go mobile???

  103. Capitan Spoiler

    Capitan SpoilerPred mesecem

    all this epic music for a glorified dice roll of a game....